The Savannah Bananas have been dubbed the "Harlem Globetrotters of Baseball" by some.

Meet the Savannah Bananas, TikTok's favorite baseball team

Updated 7:45 AM ET, Sun May 8, 2022

(CNN)It's the top of the third inning in Grayson Stadium, home of the Savannah Bananas. As the second batter gets set once again, the home team, clad in its customary yellow, crowds closer in the infield. A shimmer of excitement moves through the stands in anticipation of the next pitch.

But first, a TikTok dance.
Beyoncé blares over the speakers, and the Bananas launch into a perfectly synced groove, topped off by a scorching fastball right past the batter.
This is Bananas baseball -- in more ways than one. Since its founding in 2016, this Georgia-based Coastal Plain League team has been busting up the sport's unwritten rules, drawing in year after year of sold-out crowds and nearly 2.5 million TikTok followers (a number that rivals most MLB teams). Fans come from around the country and wait in lines hundreds-deep to see what some call the "Harlem Globetrotters of Baseball."
This phenomenon started with a simple idea: "Baseball is fun. What if it were really, really fun?"

Keeping up in a 'TikTok world'

Jesse Cole, center, hypes up the crowd.
Right now, the Savannah Bananas actually consist of two teams: The Coastal Plain League team, which plays collegiate-level summer baseball, and the professional Premiere team, which plays in special, shorter games known as "Banana Ball." Both teams are imbued with that eccentric, "anything goes" energy that livens up games, draws a five-figure waiting list for tickets and fills up TikTok feeds with viral baseball hijinks.
That energy can be credited to Jesse Cole, the team's owner and founder. Cole himself is a little out there, with his signature yellow suit and seemingly endless capacity for creativity.
"We exist to make baseball fun, and put fans first," he tells CNN. "We challenge the rules and the way we do things on the baseball field."
"Fans First" is Cole's -- and the Bananas' -- ultimate catchphrase. When they first started playing in Savannah, Cole said he paid close attention to the fans to see what parts of the game resonated most. The team felt like fans didn't want to be sold to at games, so they eliminated ads in the stadium despite the steep loss in potential revenue. They saw the game needed to be faster, more consistently exciting. They saw opportunities for reaching even more fans outside of the stands.
"Baseball games are getting longer and slower, but our attention spans are shorter," Cole says. "We live in a TikTok world. People can get unbelievable entertainment with a flick of their finger. How do you create something that matches that?"