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CNN talks to Ukrainians fleeing Russian occupation
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    1. Supreme Court

    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is expected to formally announce his plans to retire today, clearing the way for President Joe Biden to name his first nomination to the high court. Biden has vowed to fill the vacancy with an African American woman, which would represent a historic first. Currently, six of the nine justices are conservative, so Biden’s pick will not change the balance of the court, given that Breyer will almost certainly be replaced with a liberal. Still, it’s a consequential decision, considering that the president’s nominee is expected to be much younger than Breyer and could serve on the court for decades. As for the next steps in the process, Biden will now interview his short list of candidates. The White House will then make a decision and then a formal nomination will be made. 

    2. Ukraine

    3. Coronavirus

    A major recession is coming, Deutsche Bank economists warned in a report yesterday. This comes after Deutsche Bank raised eyebrows earlier this month by becoming the first major bank to forecast a US recession, albeit a “mild” one. The problem, according to the bank, is that while inflation may be peaking, it will take a “long time” before it gets back down to the Federal Reserve’s goal of 2%. That suggests the central bank will raise interest rates so aggressively that it hurts the economy. The good news is that Deutsche Bank predicts the economy will eventually rebound by mid-2024 as the Fed reverses course in its inflation fight.

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    3 reasons why Deutsche Bank is forecasting a recession

    4. Federal Reserve

    Bitcoin may be a new investment option in your 401(k) plan by the middle of this year. Fidelity Investments – the largest 401(k) plan provider in the US with more than 20 million participants – will become the first major 401(k) provider to offer cryptocurrency as an investment for retirement savers. But if you’re interested, you’ll have to check with your employer first, because the bitcoin option will only be offered to participants whose employers have elected to include it in their plans. Fidelity did not specify how many employers have already signed on, but it confirmed a number of clients have committed and others are undergoing the evaluation process. The Department of Labor, on the other hand, has publicly indicated it is very concerned about the prospect of 401(k) participants being exposed to the extreme volatility of crypto trading.

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    A quarter of all the electricity in this county is powering Bitcoin mining

    5. Cuba


    Meet the 118-year-old French nun living in a nursing home who was recently named the world’s oldest living person.

    Harry Styles graces the cover of Better Homes & Gardens, obviously

    His new album is titled “Harry’s House” so it makes perfect sense. Plus, who doesn’t love that contagious smile!

    Brooklyn Public Library offers teens free library cards and access to banned books

    Book bans are sweeping the nation, but some libraries are telling teens and young adults to read on.

    SpaceX to launch another historic astronaut mission today

    On board will be four professional astronauts, including the first Black woman to join the International Space Station crew. 

    Kevin Hart is launching a new media company called HARTBEAT

    The company has a clever name, a funny boss, and just received a $100 million private equity investment. Sounds like a great start, Hart.


    $128.5 million

    That’s how much Harvard University is dedicating to create a fund to research and redress its “extensive entanglements with slavery,” university President Lawrence Bacow announced yesterday. This comes after a new university report detailed how slavery and racism played a significant part in Harvard’s institutional history. For nearly 150 years – from the founding of the university in 1636 until Massachusetts abolished slavery in 1783 – Harvard presidents and others enslaved more than 70 people, the report says.


    “If we all continue to work together, to march together, to fight together, we will secure the freedom to vote.”

    – Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, president of the American Heart Association, on scientists seeing little benefit of taking daily aspirin for most healthy people to prevent heart attack and stroke. The US Preventive Service Task Force finalized its latest recommendations on low-dose aspirin regimens and now says people over 60 should not start taking a daily aspirin for primary prevention of heart problems, in most cases, because it may contribute to a risk of bleeding in the stomach or brain.


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    Fire risk increases for parts of the Southwest

    Check your local forecast here>>>


    This friendly seal surprised kayakers when it hopped aboard after following them for a mile. (Click here to view)

    Mornings are always better with warm donuts paired with freshly brewed coffee. Check out this video to learn where the donut got its signature shape. (Click here to view