Breville Espresso Makers

There’s nothing like a properly made cup of espresso to start the day, or for a post-dinner treat at the end of the day, and as much as we love a Nespresso for replicating the barista experience at home, nothing quite cuts it like a real espresso maker.

But you don’t have to head to a coffee shop to get a fulfilling espresso, flat white or latte: You can DIY them in your own kitchen, and with Breville’s machines, you won’t need any special training to do it. They’re programmable and automated where it counts and take into account the so-called Four Keys formula for perfect third-wave coffee, which (roughly) involves full flavor, silky taste, balanced taste and great body.

Best of all, you can get two top-of-the-line machines from Breville on Amazon for up to $100 off right now, including a Bambino version that’s great for casual cappuccino makers and a Pro-level machine that means business. Read on for a breakdown of two of our favorite Breville espresso makers, then get your own caffeine fix by shopping below.

Breville Bambino Plus 

$499.95 $399.95 at Amazon

Breville Bambino Plus

This smaller model — our pick for best compact automatic espresso machine — is perfect for kitchens a little shorter on countertop space, but it doesn’t skimp when it comes to delivering incredible coffee. What we loved? It’s got all the digital convenience for people who don’t want to, say, study how to make their morning latte but still want coffee shop-level flavor. If you just want good espresso drinks without a lot of fuss, this is your machine.

The Bambino is programmed to deliver the essential water pressure that draws out the flavors from the espresso, followed by optimal extraction and topped off with automatic microfoam milk texturing for a final touch. With the ThermoJet thermocoil heat-up time clocking in at just three seconds, the machine preps itself for you to pull a shot of espresso pretty much after it turns on (versus traditional machines, which can take up to 10 minutes). With just 7.7 inches in width, it’s sized for smaller kitchens but big on taste.

Breville Barista Pro 

$799.95 $699.95 at Amazon

Breville Barista Pro

Get your favorite coffee shop drinks at home with this pro-level machine, which takes coffee from beans to the good stuff in less than one minute — in fact, it got our nod for best automatic espresso machine with grinder. It shares a lot of features with the Bambino, including the ThermoJet system, and there’s a great LCD display to show you exactly where your espresso is in the making process.

In terms of quality, the result of the espresso is about the same too, but the major difference is the grinder attached to this machine, which can be a huge help if you don’t already have one at home. The machine still leaves room for some manual artistry: A steam wand lets you hand-texture your microfoam milk for some DIY latte art as a finishing touch.