Lead Bearaby Hugget Pillow

Bearaby, the sustainable blanket brand we can’t get enough of, is beloved by many for its aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally designed weighted blankets. By layering and weaving together supersoft plant-based fabric (as opposed to filling a blanket with glass or plastic beads), the brand created a soothing and relaxing weighted blanket using only sustainable and high-quality materials. No plastic, and no synthetic materials. What you’re left with is a product that helps you sleep better, and that’s better for the planet; it’s no question that Bearaby blankets are our go-to recommendation for any and every weighted blanket need.

Now the brand has announced its first foray beyond weighted blankets: the Hugget collection. These three different weighted sensory knot pillows are planet-friendly and made from a zero-waste process, which makes perfect sense given its Earth Day launch date.

What you need to know

Bearaby Hugget Pillow Multiple Sizes

Designed to double as both chic decor and large stress balls, the pillows are made from a material called Melofoam, an all-natural, responsive rubber. The pillow’s core material is biodegradable and made from sap tapped from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. That sap is then collected in coconuts and steamed to form solid foam.

The exterior of the pillow looks a lot like the brand’s chunky knit blankets — and it’s just as soft to the touch while still being versatile enough to match just about any style of home decor. Bearaby’s knot pillows are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Each has a gentle yet soothing weight, with the heaviest weighing in at about 3 pounds. They’re also available in five of the brand’s signature colorways — Cloud White, Moonstone Gray, Asteroid Gray, Evening Rose and Midnight Blue — so of course you can pick a pillow to match your favorite blanket.

What we loved

Bearaby Hugget Pillow Basket

While I’ve only been testing my pillow for a short time, I’ve found it to be a great tool to help me unwind. I often find myself fidgeting or scrolling through my phone even if I’m watching a show or trying to relax, but the Hugget pillow keeps my hands occupied and my mind feeling calmer.

I also love the unique look of the pillows — they’re certainly a conversation starter — and if you’re partial to the minimalist, woven aesthetic of Bearaby’s blankets, you’ll like them too.

Bottom line

These squishable, huggable Hugget pillows are a natural extension of Bearaby’s weighted blanket offerings and provide as much value to fidgety hands as they do to your home’s decor.