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April 22, 2022

The Biden administration appeals a federal judge’s decision to strike down a mask mandate on public transportation. Efforts ramp up in Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago to clean and process ocean litter. A U.S. streaming video giant hopes changes will recapture subscribers. And a parking lot puddle becomes a tourist attraction in Minnesota.

1. Name the founder of Amazon, a $1.5 trillion company that has brought convenience and controversy as it changed the U.S. retail landscape.

2. The Nansei Islands, where some residents are deeply concerned about events concerning Taiwan, are part of what Asian country?

3. For what lofty profession, which has labor shortages, does the U.S. government limit some workers’ operating hours to 30 per week with rest periods of at least 9 hours between shifts?

4. What requirement by the U.S. government was struck down by a federal judge this week, prompting many public transportation companies to change their rules?

5. The U.S. has begun sending a new, $800 million weapons package to what nation, whose leaders are discussing a change in tactics by Russia?

6. U.S. politicians and residents are divided over the federal government’s plans to remove a two-year-old immigration rule known by what numerical name?

7. Solar weather, which can impact everything from GPS to the power grid, is heavily influenced by the flares and ejections of what celestial object?

8. Researchers at MIT recently built a special contraption in an attempt to evenly divide what kind of cookie, though the experiment was not a success?

9. In what African nation, which is crossed by the Equator, are efforts underway in the Lamu Archipelago to clean and process large amounts of litter?

10. What streaming service and production company recently lost subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years, causing its stock to drop dramatically?

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