Maryland teacher Robyn Mejia won $50,000 after her husband bought a lottery ticket to "lift her spirits."
CNN  — 

Spouses hoping to do their partner a favor might have a hard time competing with Robyn Meija’s husband.

The Maryland teacher won $50,000 after her husband bought her a lottery ticket hoping to lift her spirits, according to a press release from the Maryland Lottery.

Meija, 39, had been having a rough week when her husband took home the $5 scratch-off from a local 7-Eleven. The mother of two has spent 18 years working as an elementary school teacher.

The couple were shocked to realize they had won $50,000 in Maryland’s “Ca$h To Go” game.

“My husband took the ticket to the store to scan it, just to be sure it was real,” said Meija, according to the press release. “We also asked my brother-in-law to come over and scan it on the Maryland Lottery app.”

More than just lifting Meija’s spirits, the win will allow the pair to buy a new home.

“We have been saving money for a down payment on a house, thinking we would be ready by the end of the year,” said Meija. “But now, we don’t have to wait!”

The 7-Eleven in Thurston, Maryland, where Meija’s husband bought the lucky ticket, will also receive a $500 prize from the lottery.