Dallas concert where 1 was killed and 16 were injured did not have a permit, police chief says

A police car sits in front of the scene, Sunday, April, 3, 2022, where a man was fatally shot and at least 11 other people were injured in connection to a shooting Saturday night at a concert in Dallas, Texas.

(CNN)The Dallas concert that left one dead and 16 injured did not have a permit, according to Dallas Police Chief Edgardo "Eddie" Garcia.

"This crime is a prime example that non-permitted and promoted events can lead to violence," Garcia said. "This, of course, can happen at any event, but [with] a permit and proper promoter oversight, we can better be prepared for events and crowds, making sure events are as safe as possible and comply with our city ordinances."
The event organizer did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.
      A flyer obtained by CNN affiliate KTVT-TV described the event as an all-day field party featuring several rappers. The concert was believed to have been attended by several thousand people, KTVT reported.
        Police responded to the shooting shortly after 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Officers arrived and learned multiple victims -- including three juveniles -- were shot while attending the concert on Cleveland Road.
          CNN previously reported at least 10 were injured Saturday. Garcia said Monday that 16 people were shot.
          "Sixteen individuals were transported by private vehicles and ambulances to different hospitals," Garcia said Monday. "All are listed in stable condition."
          Police have only identified the deceased as a 26-year-old, who first responders found lying near the stage, a Sunday news release said. The victim died at the scene.
          According to a preliminary investigation, authorities believe one person fired a gun into the air while a second fired a gun in the crowd's direction.
            Garcia noted seven off-duty Dallas police officers who were working the event left around 11 p.m., prior to the shooting.
            "While the off-duty employment was approved, these officers should not have been working the event that had no permit," Garcia said. "We're looking at our internal policies to take a closer look at approvals for these types of jobs, ensuring that they comply with city ordinances and policies."