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April 1, 2022

People are leaving their jobs in droves, and the issue isn’t limited to the United States. Today’s show begins by explaining some likely reasons why. Afterward, we’re headed to the Central American nation of Belize to examine efforts to conserve a big cat. And we make a stop in Texas’ Gulf Coast for a rare look at an escaped flamingo.

1. Last weekend, when U.S. President Joe Biden controversially stated, “This man cannot remain in power,” to what world leader was he referring?

2. What annual event, which was first held in 1929, achieved a ratings record in 1998 that experts say it may never attain again?

3. Name one of the two solar probes discussed on Tuesday’s show that are approaching our nearest star and investigating solar weather.

4. What economic measure hit a decades-high 7.9 percent between February 2021 and February 2022 and is impacting some Americans’ spring break budgets?

5. Following peace talks this week, there were reports of a possible future meeting between the leaders of what two countries that are currently involved in a war?

6. In what large Chinese city (the nation’s financial capital) are a pair of lockdowns threatening to negatively impact the economy?

7. In addition to fighter jets, what major defense measure has Ukraine requested but the U.S. has refused to provide?

8. What type of living cost in the U.S. rose a record 17 percent over the last year, as home prices and construction costs surged more than 19 percent?

9. The U.S. government recently reported that in the month of February, 4.4 million American workers took what action?

10. In what Central American nation, which is home to the ancient Maya civilization, are efforts underway to conserve the forest habitat of jaguars?

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