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The Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson wrapped up Thursday after four tumultuous days.

Jackson spoke about her judicial experience and her family and addressed the historic nature of her nomination, which would make her the first Black female Supreme Court justice. The hearing also featured contentious moments of harsh questioning by committee Republicans and an emotional speech from Democratic Sen. Cory Booker.

Here are clips of some of the most notable moments:

Opening statement

Jackson’s opening statement Monday was weighted toward her upbringing, and the gratitude she felt toward her parents as well as her faith.

03:12 - Source: CNN
See Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's opening statement

Sen. Cory Booker’s speech

After a long two days of harsh questioning from Senate Republicans, the New Jersey Democrat defended Jackson, putting her nomination in historic context in an emotional speech that brought tears to the nominee.

04:57 - Source: CNN
'You are worthy': Senator delivers heartfelt message during SCOTUS confirmation hearing

Jackson’s message to youth

Jackson was emotional when she told a story about her time at Harvard, with the ultimate message to young people to “persevere.”

03:29 - Source: CNN
Ketanji Brown Jackson chokes up delivering message to youth

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s criticism

Wednesday, the South Carolina Republican railed on her sentencing of child pornography offenders and even criticized her as an “activist.”

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Lindsey Graham gets ticked off during Brown Jackson hearing

On regrets of the hearing

Jackson had a sharp response when GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri asked her if she regretted the three-month sentence she issued in a child porn case where prosecutors were seeking two years.

04:07 - Source: CNN
Sen. Hawley asks Ketanji Brown Jackson if she 'regrets' 2012 sentencing

A pause says it all

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas pressed Jackson about critical race theory. CNN’s Abby Phillip outlines what the judge’s response meant.

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Her pause 'really said it all': Abby Phillip breaks down Cruz-Jackson exchange