President Joe Biden speaks at the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting in Washington on March 10, 2022.
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is playing out on social media and television in ways no European war ever has. The whole world has seen the violence and devastation of the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

The invasion has helped to shape and reshape opinions around the world and here at home about Russia, Ukraine and even political leaders not directly involved in the conflict. It’s also affected gas prices.

With that in mind, let’s take a brief look about how things have changed domestically. We’ll start with President Joe Biden’s popularity.

Biden may have gotten a small “rally around the flag” bump

Biden’s approval rating was at one of the lowest points in his presidency heading into the end of February. Then Russia invaded Ukraine and Biden held his State of the Union address.

There has been some polling (mainly from the Marist College/NPR/PBS NewsHour survey) that indicated that Biden’s approval rating rose by 5 points or more in response. Looking at all the polling conducted in the aftermath of the Russian invasion shows that Biden may have received a small bump, but not the big bounce Marist found.

Specifically, Biden’s approval rating stood at about 42% in an average of all the pollsters who did a post-Russian invasion poll. These same pollsters had Biden’s approval rating at 40% in their polls taken before the invasion.

Biden seeing some sort of rise makes sense given that his approval rating over his handling of the crisis is higher than his overall job approval rating. In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, his overall approval rating stood at 38% and his disapproval rating was 51%. The same poll put Biden’s approval rating at 42% and disapproval rating at 45% over his handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Still, Biden’s on the wrong side of the ledger. His disapproval rating overall in the average of polls is about 51%, which makes for a net approval rating of -9 points.

The fact that Biden received a small bump would comport with