Pets agree: We couldn't have done the pandemic without them

By Sandee LaMotte, CNN

Updated 2:04 PM ET, Fri March 11, 2022
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Who knew a German shepherd could become a pretzel? Pandemic pup Sam is still a youngster and keeps her pet parents laughing with her clownlike nature. "She is ball-obsessed, so while we have been working from home, we play fetch with her on our breaks — at least when she returns the ball!" Courtesy Deanna Engel
Phoenix, a rough collie who will be 2 in May, helped his pet parents during the pandemic by "forcing us to go out when we're in front of our computers all day." He's also so calm that it's "hard to freak out about anything around him. He teaches me that it's OK to take a pause." Courtesy Maria Layus
Bean, a 2-year-old pandemic rescue, is her mom's at-home work "supervisor" and "one of the clumsiest cats out there. Even though she fails quite a few cat tasks (such as jumping successfully) she doesn't fail to make me laugh during these times!" Courtesy Merve Gurses
Not all pandemic pets are furry. Pippy the gecko's cute face helps her owner when she's "feeling overwhelmed -- he doesn't play much, and he sleeps about 23 hours a day, but having him near me (and snuggling him on occasion, when he'll let me) brings me some peace." Courtesy Scottie Andrew
Apollo rescued his pet parents from Covid isolation, which had been made worse by the sudden loss of another beloved pet. Now nearly 2, he gets "us off the couch, outside, being active (as much as one could safely do those things during a pandemic!) and is the snuggliest, sweetest golden retriever!" Courtesy Samantha Bresnahan
Cos, an 8-year-old half-dachshund, half-Jack Russell mix who loves to woo with his eyes, has so much personality that he'll bark "at anyone that doesn't say hi to him. He has no work-from-home etiquette, so he definitely crashed a few meetings." Courtesy Laura Juncadella
Cheese, right, and Crackers are "constant companions along with their shy little brother, Nutella," their pet parent said. "I even have them all tattooed on my arm, they're that important to me." Courtesy Nikki Rau-Baker
Penny, a 3-year-old Shih Tzu, never fails to bring a smile to her pet parent's face when she claims every toy as her own, including a husky's extra large bone. Courtesy Robert Frantz
Charlie, a 2-year-old shelter pandemic cat, provides much comic relief to his human mom. "He enjoys being vacuumed and is obsessed with climbing in my sink to lick dirty dishes (which he is not allowed to do). He is also SUPER lazy and stomps on my face every morning to wake me up." Courtesy Jacqueline Anderson
Roo, a Chihuahua rescue, was an amazing comfort for her mom when she "was hospitalized for seven days with Covid and on oxygen for 60. I could not walk or talk afterwards, and the best part was when I was able to see her again." Courtesy Wynn Westmoreland
Gizmo, a 6-month-old mini-Australian shepherd, is a "total chaos agent, but we love him," his mom said. "He does goofy things like hide behind the curtains. He's definitely helped with stress relief." Even if she does get mad at him, "he just makes me laugh a lot." Courtesy Radhika Marya
Lily is 5- or 6-year old pitador who may at times have a "resting beast face but she is the glue that keeps us sane," said her mom. Her 11-year-old human brother said, "When I was sad during the pandemic, she made me feel better and gave me lots of kisses." Courtesy Felicia Patinkin