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In theory, a dress shirt is a very simple thing: two sleeves, a collar, some buttons and maybe an eye-catching pattern. When it actually comes down to it, however, there are dozens upon dozens of factors that either make it a wardrobe favorite or the shirt you only reach for when all of your other options are in the laundry. London-based menswear brand Charles Tyrwhitt is on a mission to help you create only wardrobe favorites from here on out, all thanks to its Tyrwhitt Custom Shirt Tool.

In other words, with the site’s build-your-shirt virtual designer, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to customizing every aspect of your ideal dress shirt. Thanks to its intuitive platform, it won’t take more than a few minutes to complete the below steps from beginning to end.

  1. Pick your fabric. (There are over 70 different materials and patterns to choose from, from black stretch poplin to sky-blue puppytooth twill — which, despite its soft texture and put-together appearance, doesn’t require any ironing.
  2. Create your ideal style by customizing the collar, cuff, placket and button color; for extra flair, you can even add some piping, adjust the pocket style or add a personalized monogram to create your very own embroidered shirt.
  3. Tweak the fit and sizing, including the cut, sleeve length and collar size, so your shirt looks like it was crafted solely for you — because it was.

Even though they’re custom-designed according to your style preferences and body type, these high-end shirts don’t cost nearly as much as you’d think. Charles Tyrwhitt custom shirts start at just $119, despite the fact that they make you feel like a million dollars, and even though they’re made-to-order, they’ll be at your doorstep in no more than four weeks’ time.

It’s not just about looks here, though. While these custom shirts definitely elevate your wardrobe, they’re also made by a brand that prioritizes sustainability, social responsibility and eco-friendly practices.

Charles Tyrwhitt was founded by Nick Wheeler, who felt a desire to produce stylish, timeless, and affordable clothing for men — without compromising on quality. In addition to its British charm and customer-centric practices, though, this company is also dedicated to doing things responsibly and sustainably. First, Charles Tyrwhitt works alongside suppliers who use ethical and eco-friendly practices. Second, it aims to become one of the absolute best companies to work for and regularly gives back to the community through charity partnerships and social actions. Finally, Charles Tyrwhitt is on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint by 5% year-on-year by taking direct action and offsetting its impact to reach carbon neutrality (through initiatives such as its shirt recycling program).

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Ready to create a shirt that not only fits like a glove but is also a unique expression of your personal style? Click here to get started — and don’t be surprised if it quickly becomes the first shirt you reach for every time it’s clean.