Upright GO 2

Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, maintaining a healthy posture is critical for those who sit at a desk. Slouching for extended periods of time can lead to lower back pain, which about 80% of adults experience in their lives.

If you need some help improving your posture, check out the Upright GO 2, a posture training device that’s 25% off right now.

25% off
The Upright GO 2 sticks to your upper back and delivers a soft electric shock when you slouch, reminding you to sit up straight.

The Upright GO 2 trains you to sit up straight with a little device that sticks to your upper back. Once it’s in place, the Upright GO 2 pairs with a companion app to start tracking. To remind you to sit up straight, the device will buzz you when you slouch over too far. Don’t worry: The shock isn’t painful or startling — it’s just annoying enough to get you to fix your posture.

I tried the Upright GO 2 for a few days and felt the difference for myself. It made me more conscious of my posture, and I found myself sitting up straighter throughout the day. Plus, the device is small enough that no one could tell I was wearing it.

So if you’re prone to slouching, now’s the perfect time to kick that bad habit. Your back — and your wallet — will thank you.