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There’s a report in Politico today that former President Donald Trump is considering endorsing multiple candidates in a single race – most notably in contested Senate Republican primaries.

“The GOP kingmaker-in-chief has grown so distrustful of all the advice he’s getting from various aides — and so wary of being lured into picking the wrong horse — that he’s floated an idea that would essentially dilute his endorsement,” reported Politico’s Playbook.

Which, well, amazing, right? Why endorse one candidate when you can endorse two?! Brilliant!

How could he think this is a good idea, you ask? To answer that question, you have to understand how the mind of Donald Trump works.

For Trump, the only thing that matters is that he is perceived as a winner. At life. At business. And at politics.

He spent much of his presidency touting his endorsement record as a way of showing that he only picks (and associates with) victors.

“88 and 2 (really 1) in ENDORSEMENTS this election cycle, and @FoxNews was critical,” he tweeted in the summer of 2020. “Has anyone ever done so well? I doubt it!”

Given his obsession with winning, Trump likely views the idea of endorsing two candidates in a given race as a win-win. Literally. As in, he now has twice as much of a chance of backing the right candidate!

The problem, which you have long ago sussed out, is that by trying to have it both ways, Trump winds up making any one of his endorsements matter that much less. If two candidates can say they are the Trump-endorsed candidate, then the endorsements sort of cancel each other out.

The Point: Like so many of Trump’s half-baked ideas, my bet is this one goes nowhere – mostly because it makes his endorsement sort of meaningless. And Trump doesn’t want that. At all.