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We don’t need to tell you that most people’s New Year’s resolutions are about improving their wellness. And we don’t need to follow up by noting that most people break their New Year’s resolutions pretty quickly — after all, even the shiniest new barbell set isn’t going to lift itself, and who embraces a new diet when you kick it off with the world’s blandest salad?

Though Blue Apron isn’t going to go to the gym for you, it can help you when it comes to balanced eating and fulfilling your personal promise of “new year, new you.” Bringing nutritionally dense and high-quality ingredients together in a way that’s actually delicious, Blue Apron’s chef-designed Wellness meals are all about letting you enjoy the best parts of home cooking without sacrificing your lifestyle. On top of Wellness meals, find your balance in the new year with Craft and Premium meals, which are great options for those nights you want to indulge.

Wellness Meal: Greek Chicken and Carrots

Greek Chicken & Carrots

A Wellness meal of Greek chicken with carrots atop a fresh salad of kale, raisins and feta cheese will not only tickle the taste buds, it’ll also earn you WW points and keep you under 600 calories.

Craft Meal: Creamy Calabrian Burgers

Creamy Calabrian Burgers

A Craft meal of creamy Calabrian burgers with Parmesan potatoes and caper-mint sauce is a perfect weekend indulgence. Plus, you’ll learn how to make an Italian agrodolce while spending quality time actually enjoying cooking.

Premium Meal: Pan-Seared Scallops and Caper Butter

Pan Seared Scallops

For special occasions — or, heck, just because it’s Friday — a Premium meal like pan-seared scallops and caper butter over red rice and blood orange salsa can treat your family to a restaurant-style meal without you having to stress about how much to tip the parking valet.

A Blue Apron meal is more than a great meal — it’s also an opportunity to spend dinnertime with the kids catching up or mornings actually tasting the breakfast you made instead of gulping something down while you rush out the door. With its biggest menu ever (53 options each week), Blue Apron is now delivering more choice when it comes to what you and your family will eat.

Blue Apron meals don’t take the human — you — out of the equation. You can customize recipes, swap out ingredients or make meals that fit your family’s dietary needs. Meals are also pre-portioned, which means you don’t have to waste minutes measuring ingredients — everything’s the right portion for the recipe! And you can skip meals as you need — Blue Apron fits itself to your schedule.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to eat well: Blue Apron’s weekly deliveries are budget-conscious that start at $7.49 a serving. Better yet, sign up for Blue Apron to get $110 off + free shipping on your first box! And with options like the Meal Prep bundle, you can save time as well as money — in a single 90-minute cooking session, you can prepare eight servings of food for the coming days. (Though most Blue Apron meals already are designed to be ready in under 35 minutes.) That time-savings will be even better with the new Wellness Heat & Eat option, which offers ready-to-eat meals and will be available for delivery starting on January 10.

And you can rest easy knowing that Blue Apron isn’t achieving this with gimmicks. By partnering with farmers and sustainability experts, Blue Apron is raising the standard for growing our food and raising our farm animals. And that means a greener environment, a better farming industry and better food on your table.