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A toddler’s pep talks will fire you up. A crowd comes together for a miraculous save on a highway. Simon Cowell makes a unique exception. These are the best video moments of 2021:

‘Like the boys’

Skiing toddler orig
Dad mics up his skiing toddler, captures her adorable pep talks
02:40 - Source: CNN

Parents decided to mic up their skiing toddler after noticing she gave herself pep talks while hitting the slopes. Next time you hit the mountains, keep an ear out for this “little ripper.”

Good Samaritans

ATL highway crowd saves man orig 1
Video shows crowd bashing truck on highway to save driver
01:54 - Source: CNN

A crowd stopped their vehicles and rallied on an Atlanta highway after noticing the driver appeared unconscious. The quick-thinking group was able to smash a window to unlock the vehicle and stay with the man until first responders arrived.

Icy rescue

lady jumping in frozen pool to save dog
Owner plunges into frozen pool to save dog
01:15 - Source: CNN

A quick-thinking Tennessee woman sprang into to action after her dog, Sid, slipped into her frozen pool. Fortunately, Sid made a full recovery after being treated by a veterinarian.

‘Here we have a visitor’

trivago ceo axel hefer
Trivago CEO's son crashes live CNN interview
03:09 - Source: CNNBusiness

Richard Quest’s interview with Trivago CEO Axel Hefer took a cute detour when his 7-year-old son decided to crash the party. The boy, Victor, merely wanted to go to bed.

Plot twist

AGT Simon Cowell Victory Brinker Split 1
Girl's amazing 'AGT' performance forces Simon Cowell to change the rules
01:58 - Source: CNN

“America’s Got Talent” host Simon Cowell gave the audience a scare after telling a 9-year-old contestant she wasn’t getting a “yes” from the judges. After blowing away the crowd, the judges decided to change the rules and simultaneously hit the golden buzzer at once for opera singer Victory Brinker.

Not your typical shelf stocker

monitor lizard 7 11 thailand
Giant monitor lizard freaks out shoppers in Thailand
00:59 - Source: CNN

Shoppers at a convenience store in Thailand got quite the surprise after a huge Asian water monitor l decided to do a little shopping. After climbing up some shelves, the lizard was escorted out by police and reptile handlers.

The truth is out there

UFO Navy thumbnail orig
Pentagon confirms UFO video is real, taken by Navy pilot (2021)
01:28 - Source: CNN

UFO enthusiast Jeremy Corbell released Navy video of what appears to be an unidentified object hovering over water before disappearing. The Pentagon confirmed the footage was real in a statement. What’s really out there? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

When life hands you lemons …

child support pennies
What mom and daughter did with 80,000 penny child support payment
01:48 - Source: WTVR

A mother and daughter made the best of a tough situation by putting 80,000 pennies to good use. The massive amount of change was dropped off on their lawn by the daughter’s father as a final child support payment.