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Jim Cramer announced on CNBC Monday he had tested positive for Covid-19.

While holding up three Abbott BinaxNOW tests on air from his home studio where he is isolating, Cramer said on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” that he tested positive on Thursday evening after taking a test earlier in the day that said he was negative. Cramer said that he is triple vaccinated with Moderna and that his symptoms have been mild.

In conversation with CNBC’s David Faber, Cramer said he believed he got the virus from an event he went to that had required PCR tests.

“The problem is, David, is that it just works so fast,” Cramer said. “You can’t stop it. Meaning that I can test in the morning and feeling great and test in the evening, feeling great, but then I’m giving it to people.”

Cramer, who hosts “Mad Money” on CNBC, said his wife is feeling “a little sicker” than he is and said she received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and Moderna. Moderna announced earlier Monday that preliminary data suggests its booster provides protection against Omicron.

Cramer said in a tweet Monday that had he not been triple vaccinated he “would be far more sick.”

“The goal is I think to be able to assume the risk,” Cramer said on CNBC. “You want to go out. You want to go to the movies… and you are triple vaccinated, other than the fact that you’ve got to stay home, which is a huge bummer, there’s never a cold that I have had that was as weak as this, ever.”