We test products all year long so you can cut out all the legwork and get right to the best of the best. From the amazing (and affordable) T-Fal nonstock frying pan to our picks for best smart scale, there’s something for everyone that we recommend over at Amazon, where you can count on quick shipping in time for the holiday.

T-fal E76597 Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid

T-fal Hard Anodized Titanium Nonstick 12-inch Pan

This pan’s depth gives it multipurpose functionality: It cooks standard frying-pan foods like eggs and meats, and its 2½-inch sides are tall enough to prepare recipes you’d usually reserve for pots, like rices and stews. (amazon.com)

GreenPan Levels Stackable Ceramic Fry Pan

The GreenPan’s Ceramic Fry Pan is made from sand, so it won’t release any toxic fumes in the case of overheating. What’s more, after cooking, close to zero residue remained on the pan, which led to a very speedy cleanup consisting of wiping, rinsing and going on with our business. (amazon.com)

Steelcase Series 1 Chair

The Steelcase Series 1 stood out as one of the most customizable, high-quality, comfortable office chairs on the market, beating out chairs double the price — making it the best bang for the buck. (amazon.com)

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch Spinner

The Samsonite Omni has a fully polycarbonate shell with a micro-diamond texture that prevents scuffing and keeps the back from feeling bulky. (amazon.com)

Asics Face Mask

This polyester mask is soft and breathable, and it has a reflective logo in the bottom left corner to help with visibility on those night runs. (amazon.com)

High Sierra Classic Plus Shower Head

Limiting water flow to just 1.5 GPM, this compact head is serious about sustainability. And even with all that environmental friendliness, it still manages to deliver a deluge of water and a very satisfying shower. (amazon.com)

High-Waist High-Shine Faux Leather Disco Leggings

Other winners include the High-Waist High-Shine Faux Leather Disco Leggings (a lookalike for the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings), High-Waist Fleece-Lined Leggings (a cold-weather must-have) and the High-Waist Power Flex Biker Shorts (which feature a super-useful deep pocket). (amazon.com)

Eufy Smart Scale C1

This is the lower-priced Eufy model, and the price difference really showed in testing. Setup was simple and the design was similar, but we had an incredibly difficult time getting readings beyond weight and BMI. We also found that Amazon reviewers noted it’s tough to connect with the electric spots on the scale, which produce these other readings. The suggestion was to use a towel to “dampen the contact points.” That sounds like a good way to get a shock (or worse!), so we did not try this. Weight readings were accurate, but not being able to access any other info (the app didn’t always sync) took a lot of points away from this scale. (amazon.com)

Withings Body Plus

The Withings Body Plus, one of three we tested from Withings, which also makes sleep trackers and fitness watches, was another scale we really liked. It was our favorite from the Withings scale lineup by far. Setup was straightforward, with easy-to-follow directions and quick pairing. If you can set up a Bluetooth speaker, you can set up this smart scale. The app the scale works with is called Health Mate, and you can add individual accounts for family members, so no nosy relatives or housemates can see your health data. Also, the scale works with Wi-Fi, so if you’re logged in, you don’t need the app open or your phone close by to register a reading. The weight readings were consistent with repeated testing. The only knock on this scale is that the numbers are extremely difficult to read while you’re standing on it, as much of the display is taken up by a graph that can be either motivating or depressing, depending on what direction it’s going. One cool option on this and the other Withings scales is a pregnancy mode, which gives users an overview of the week with the current stage of pregnancy and cumulative weight gain, along with how it compares with personalized recommendations. (amazon.com)

Fitbit Inspire 2

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best choice for anyone who wants better clarity and more robust data about their health, fitness and wellness lifestyle. (amazon.com)

Roku Streambar Pro

While the Streambar Pro didn’t feature the best sound quality of the soundbars we tested, you would have to spend more than double the price to get something more than nominally better. (amazon.com)

DreamSky Portable Digital Alarm Clock

An easy-to-use alarm clock without any bells and whistles to get in the way, the DreamSky is simple, durable, and highly readable, and will get you out of bed in the morning with a loud beep that isn’t too startling. (amazon.com)

Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520

Able to wake you gently with lights that gradually brighten to mimic the dawn, the Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 is a great sunrise alarm clock and one of the best all-around alarm clocks we tested, with intuitive programming, a wide range of alarm tones and a radio. (amazon.com)

Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set

This hand-crafted set is elegant, sophisticated, ergonomic and super sharp. It includes the four basic knives that a serious home cook needs. (amazon.com)

OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank

The OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker is perfect for beginners, as it takes the guesswork out of the pouring process by allowing you to simply fill the water tank to your desired amount and letting it control the flow rate. Just don’t expect the coffee to be as robust as with the Kalita. (amazon.com)

EarFun Air

We’ll make this really simple for you: If you want to spend less than $100 on wireless earbuds, you won’t find a better pair than the EarFun Air. (amazon.com)

ZonLi Kids’ Weighted Blanket

Another 5-pound option for kids, this ZonLi weighted blanket will help your little one calm down at the end of a long day. It has small squares that distribute the glass beads inside evenly, so there aren’t any heavy spots. Plus, it has more than 12,000 5-star reviews, so you know your children will love it. (amazon.com)

Leggings Depot High-Waisted Legging

Given this pair’s over-15,000 5-star ratings and $10 price point, we knew we had to try it for ourselves to see what all the hype could be about. Could all these customers be wrong? Well, yes and no. For 10 bucks, you get what you’d expect: a super-comfortable pair of leggings, and that’s about it. (amazon.com)