A scene from "The Matrix Resurrections."
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Which pill will you take, love it or hate it?

“The Matrix Resurrections” has received it’s first batch of reactions and even folks who enjoyed it are aware that not everyone will.

Vox’s critic Emily VanDerWerff took just that stance.

“I lovvvvvvved it. A lotta people are gonna haaaaaaaate,” VanDerWerff tweeted. “My favorite kind of movie!!”

Yahoo Entertainment writer Ethan Alter tweeted “Absolutely adored which builds on where the sequels left off in beautiful and unexpected ways, and presents a world that’s entirely consistent with what came before and also opens it up to a host of new stories. My synapses have been firing for days.”

It wasn’t all roses however.

“#TheMatrixResurrections is an almost 2.5-hour exposition dump with choppy action scenes reminiscent of the Bourne movies,” critic Jeff Nelson tweeted. “It reuses far too much footage from previous installments and is meta to a fault.”

The fourth in the Matrix franchise, the film reunites stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss who reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity.

“The Matrix Resurrections” hits theaters and HBO Max on December 22.

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