GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Although we’re starting to slowly make our way back out into the world these days, chances are most of the people on your wish list are still spending a lot of time at home. Over the past 18 or so months, we all got pretty good at adjusting our lives to make that time at home more productive and comfortable. To help someone take that even further, we rounded up some of our favorite products for the home from Amazon, like our pick for best coffee grinder, a magnetic dry erase board for the fridge and GE’s popular countertop nugget ice maker.

Every chef (aspiring or otherwise) needs a good set of knives. And the color-coding on this top-rated ceramic set from Cuisinart won’t just look nice in the kitchen — it also helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
This oversized lazy Susan has a 16-inch diameter and turntable to maximize hard-to-reach storage spaces (i.e. the dark hole you call the corner kitchen cabinet), making it easier to get what you need when you need it.
You can easily bring the pots and pans from your kitchen, but if you want to cook over the campfire or just want a more outdoorsy feel to your cooking, a cast-iron skillet is a must.
These food-grade, multicolor reusable silicone baking cups are more eco-friendly than using disposable cups – and frankly, they’re also just really cute.
The trick to making divided storage solutions work is to look for ones that are adjustable so that you can tailor the organizer to fit your specific needs. This organizer will keep food storage lids tidy, and its five adjustable dividers can hold round, rectangular and square container lids up to 9 inches in length or diameter.
You can attain nugget ice at home with this GE Ice Maker, which features everything from a compact, portable size to Bluetooth connectivity.
A silicone spatula is great for almost every sheet pan recipe… The exception? Fish! Fish is so delicate that you really need to use an extra-thin and long spatula like this one to pick it up so that it doesn’t break. It’s also good for everything from scrambling eggs to roasting vegetables to pan-frying pork chops.
The Rabbit is the most secure, easiest-to-use lever-style corkscrew we’ve tried, quickly and cleanly removing corks from any bottle with little effort.
Looking for a space-saving storage option for that corner of your kitchen? Consider this three-tier bamboo shelf that gives you space to display your kitchen essentials.
Relax after a long day with this candle that smells of eucalyptus and chamomile, and will look nice displayed on your counter too.
This fondue pot features adjustable temperature settings and a durable, nonstick ceramic coating — because the only things more romantic than chocolate-dipped strawberries are chocolate-dipped strawberries that are easy to clean up after.
The GreenPan’s Ceramic Fry Pan is made from sand, so it won’t release any toxic fumes in the case of overheating. What’s more, after cooking, close to zero residue remained on the pan, which led to a very speedy cleanup consisting of wiping, rinsing and going on with our business.
This bagless, self-emptying base vacuum reportedly holds up to 45 days’ worth of dirt and debris.
Pretend you’re on a romantic date in Italy from the comfort of your kitchen with this top-rated pasta maker, which comes with seven different thickness settings.
This utensil holder is ideal for anyone struggling with limited storage space. It fits perfectly inside narrow drawers, comes with rubber stickers that will hold it in place, and holds plenty of silverware. It’s also made with very durable, high-quality materials and super affordable.
Never overcook meat again with this nifty thermometer that features an additional monitor so you can check the temperature from over 300 feet away.
We love giving the gift of a small kitchen appliance. This red chopper is a favorite of meal prep experts.
Add a little colorful flair to your Mason jars with this 16-pack of lids (two each of eight colors) that fit Ball, Kerr and other glass Mason jars. Leakproof (and dishwasher-safe), they’ll work great while you’re shaking up your ice cream.
Having a roll of paper towels within reach is critical for quickly wiping up spills. Opt for a wall- or cabinet-mounted paper towel holder to free up counter space without sacrificing convenience.
If you can’t snag your grandma’s old cast iron, this highly rated pan is the next best thing. Preseasoned, it’s deep enough to fry cauliflower or chicken, has a nicely sized pour spout and comes with a handle holder for safety.
Keeping the family’s grocery shopping and meal plan organized is a lot easier with this magnetic whiteboard. You can plan the whole week’s menu over the weekend and post it on the board, including snacks, so that everyone knows what you’re having, which day, and what grocery staples you’ve run out of.
What sets this knife set apart is the included acrylic stand that properly displays each knife — a modern departure from the traditional knife block that’s likely in your kitchen.
If the tissue boxes from your local drugstore don’t match your aesthetic, switch to this acrylic tissue dispenser that’ll add a sophisticated touch around your house.
This handy all-in-one sandwich maker will give you some extra time in the morning so you can actually enjoy your delicious breakfast.
Few things are more comforting on a chilly winter morning than a stack of homemade waffles. Quickly whip up a batch to share with the family with this easy-to-use double compartment waffle maker.
This acacia end grain cutting board really gets the job done. We’ve given this brand many years of home and test-kitchen use, and can confidently say that these boards will take a beating. The harder acacia wood will be a little less gentle on your knife blades, but not so much that you should rule it out.
Made from moisture-resistant teak, the Teakhaus Professional is beautiful, durable, stain-resistant, and is the easiest wooden board to care for.
The Breville Super Q features a slew of preset buttons, comes in multiple colors, includes key accessories and is quieter than other models. It does carry a steep price tag, but for those who can’t imagine a smoothie-less morning, what breaks down to about $1.30 a day over a year seems like a bargain.
Spruce up your entryway with this console table that’s the perfect size for smaller decorations and anything you need to store close to your front door. The rustic design is an added bonus.
Although real snake plants are notoriously easy to take care of, some of us don’t want that internal stress of keeping a plant alive. If that’s you, grab this faux version to add a touch of greenery to your space.
Dutch ovens are incredibly versatile kitchen tools, given that you can move them directly from the stove top to the oven. Lodge’s 6-quart model is big enough for hearty family dinners and features a porcelain enamel finish that distributes even, steady heat.
Keeping utensils within arm’s reach makes cooking easier, but if you lack counter space, a utensil crock may not work in your kitchen. This utensil holder turns storage upside down, literally, by mounting to the underside of a cabinet.
This sleek-looking air fryer sits pretty on your counter but has a whole lot going on inside: It has 12 presets to cook 13-inch pizzas, make toast and toast bagels, rotisserie whole chickens, bake cookies, broil, dehydrate your herbs and even ferment. It comes with a rotisserie fork and handle as well as a fry basket, foot tray and crumb tray (plus a recipe book) so you’re good to go as soon as you open the box.
If you have yet to try your hand at sous vide, today’s your chance to get in on the cooking trend. An Anova Precision Cooker Nano is on sale for $99 at Amazon. For the unindoctrinated, this cooker circulates water at the exact temperature needed for perfectly cooked meals, plus it boasts fast heat-up times and Wi-Fi connection so you can set the timer and temperature with the associated app, all in a small, durable body.
Available in five stylish colors, this ottoman can serve as additional storage, extra seating or just a hint of decor.
Bring the outdoors inside with this sleek plant hanger that can accommodate a 5-inch plant and comes in black, gold and gray hues. It’s a sleek way to add some real (or faux) greenery into your home. (
Always looking for somewhere to put things in your kitchen, craft space or mudroom? This cute little cart offers a wood shelf on top and a metal shelf on the bottom for books, office supplies, electronics, food, clothes, linens or whatever you need space for.
This blender is perfect for personal-size portions or if you’re working with limited counter space. Use the blender cups to make smoothies, sauces and more. It’s a particularly great purchase for easily whipping up your favorite game day and post-game dips.
Not only is the T-fal our favorite nonstick pan of 2021, but it was also one of the best kitchen essentials we tested all year. Its deep sides, lid and nonstick surface make it a versatile workhorse in the kitchen, perfect for everything from frying eggs to simmering stews. The slightly smaller 10-inch version is a bestseller, too.
Cooking breakfast is easier than ever with Dash’s compact appliance, which can perfectly prepare up to six eggs at once.
People love this coffee maker because it’s so easy. Just use any K-cup pod to brew coffee or make delicious lattes and cappuccinos.
Was your New Year’s resolution to add more veggies to your meals? Get it done easily with this spiralizing attachment for your KitchenAid mixer that’s currently $50 off.
Another fantastic deal on a KitchenAid attachment, this 5-star pasta roller lets you make your own noodles at home with ease.
Made from alloy steel, this knife is designed for your young chef, with a small handle and rounded tip to keep them safe in the kitchen.
We’re loving the look of these glass coffee mugs that give a classic, modern touch to your morning brew or bedtime tea.
You don’t often see innovation within the realm of kitchen drawer organizers, but this design has seriously changed the game by using stacked compartments that help you save drawer space.
Seemingly every time we cook, there’s always the question of “Where should I actually place my lids and cooking utensils so they’re not in a giant, messy pile?” Simplify your life with this stand that conveniently holds your tools (or even a cookbook) to free up counter space and avoid unnecessary mess.
If you struggle to properly strain your food, give this Snap N’ Strain strainer a try. It uses clips to fit nearly all pots, pans and bowls to strain without excess spillage.
With its even heating and extra-tall sides, T-fal’s pan can handle whatever you throw at (er, on) it. Given that it outperformed more expensive models in our testing, it’s also a total steal. (Need something a little smaller? T-fal’s 10-inch version of this pan is another great pick.)
Always dreamed of making your own soft serve? Luckily for under $100 you can score this machine that allows you to turn ingredients into a tasty dessert in just 20 minutes simply by putting everything into the bowl and turning it on.
Once you try a collapsible colander you’ll kick yourself for not doing so sooner. They’re perfect for those with limited cabinet space, and fantastic for draining everything from washed berries to pasta.
The Spiralizer 7-Blade outperformed all other countertop models when it came to making consistent spirals that didn’t break apart, lose their shape or require so much cranking that you felt like you had just endured a serious arm weightlifting session.
Whether you use it to sear steak, caramelize crème brûlée or make a festive flaming cocktail, this kitchen torch will add a gourmet finishing touch to meals. It also features a safety lock and adjustable flame, so even novice chefs can take their home cooking up a notch.
Cosori’s chic Gooseneck kettle features five temperature presets for the perfect cup of coffee or tea, plus a precision-pour spout to help prevent spills.