Oster Electric Wine Opener

Even once you have all your primary gifts sorted, it’s always nice to pick up some additional stocking stuffers to keep the smiles coming this holiday season. With that in mind, we picked a bunch of great gadgets from Amazon that your loved ones will find both fun and actually useful. From a cool electronic wine opener to the extremely handy new Apple AirTags location finding devices, there’s a little something (literally) for everyone.

This nifty gadget “splits, pits and slices,” making it easier than ever to get your avocado toast fix each morning.
A must-have for anyone with long hair (or living with someone with long hair), the TubShroom Ultra is an ingenious and wildly popular gadget that prevents drains from clogging, and was one of our bestselling products of 2020.
These innovative grippers are one of our favorite ways to organize your home. Just stick them to the wall using the included damage-free strips and you’ve got a convenient, space-saving way to store your brooms and mops.
These brush heads make deep cleaning grout, sinks, baseboards and tubs as easy as clicking a button. They’re safe for nearly all bathroom surfaces and attach directly to most cordless drills.
Apple AirTags pair seamlessly with iPhones and iPads, and their precision finding technology is a game changer for the more absent-minded among us. They’d also make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone prone to losing their keys.
Need a break from your home office? This sturdy bamboo lap desk lets you comfortably work from the couch (or just indulge in breakfast in bed).
I love nightstand mode on the Apple Watch, and even with sleep tracking coming this fall, I still love a good stand for it. This Elago W3 stand looks like the original Macintosh computer, and the Apple Watch makes for a perfect screen. It’s a durable rubber material and weighted quite nicely, and the Apple Watch fits in snugly. — Jacob Krol, tech and electronics editor
Another gift to file under life-changing products Dad never knew existed. This leakproof, odor-blocking bin is perfect for food wrappers, napkins, empty cups and whatever else would normally end up rolling around on the floor of Dad’s car.
The Chamberlain MyQ is truly a no-brainer. It can make nearly any garage door smart and give you the benefits of opening or closing it from anywhere.
Braun’s no-touch thermometer scored top marks in our testing, thanks to its accuracy, consistency and ease of use.
The Slice is a simple but extremely useful game changer for opening packages and crafting projects. Its tiny little blade is safe to the touch but effortlessly glides through packaging tape, making opening boxes a seamless, hassle-free experience. It really comes in handy when you need to open a ton of boxes at once.
Stop stuffing leftover plastic bags under the sink and put them in this wall-mounted dispenser instead. The brushed stainless steel design will look chic in your kitchen (or wherever you hang it), while the opening makes it easier to grab a single bag whenever you need it.
For the egg lovers out there, there’s no easier way to scramble, hard boil, soft boil or poach eggs than with this Dash egg cooker. It has an auto shutoff function, so your eggs will never overcook and you won’t have to babysit them if you’re short on time. Whether it’s for a quick breakfast or a protein-packed snack, cooking eggs has never been this over easy.
We sometimes feel like we spent half our life stripping kale for salads, which is why we love this neat tool that does all the work for you.
When it comes to sponge holders, always opt for a metal wire caddy over plastic and/or cubbyhole-style models. An open-air caddy will allow sponges to dry faster and more thoroughly when not in use, which will keep them from developing a mildew smell, and metal is less prone to develop mold growth on the caddy itself.
This sandwich maker can whip up a breakfast sandwich in just minutes, cooking your egg, bread and meat all at once for a delicious sandwich any time of the day.
If you struggle to properly strain your food, give this Snap N’ Strain strainer a try. It uses clips to fit nearly all pots, pans and bowls to strain without excess spillage.
Boost your loved one’s mood with this top-rated light therapy lamp that helps fight work fatigue, winter blues and more when they need a little pick-me-up. It was our runner-up for the best SAD lamps of 2021.
Purchasing these reusable, platinum-grade silicone Stasher bags will ensure you never need to buy Ziploc bags again. Check out our full review of Stasher Bags for all the ways these handy bags will upgrade your life.
<strong>Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray ($44.97; </strong><a href="https://amzn.to/2vzgS6R" target="_blank" target="_blank"><strong>amazon.com</strong></a><strong>)</strong><br />This luxurious bathtub caddy can hold mom's wine glass, phone, book (or Kindle), snacks and anything else she needs to relax<br />
This bathtub caddy will make any bath an ultra-luxurious experience. Available in seven finishes, this is made for two, with compartments to hold your book, tablet, drink or whatever else.
This not only seamlessly opens up any bottle of wine, but it also comes with a foil cutter, two vacuum stoppers and an aerating wine pourer. Even if you’re not a wine aficionado, this is worth a look.
This handy caddy attaches to your bed or couch for easy access to your phone, tablet, remote controls and more. It also comes in 10 colors to match your room’s decor.
Seemingly every time we cook, there’s always the question of “Where should I actually place my lids and cooking utensils so they’re not in a giant, messy pile?” Simplify your life with this stand that conveniently holds your tools (or even a cookbook) to free up counter space and avoid unnecessary mess.
Driskill calls this 9-inch lazy Susan “genius” and uses it to store small bottles in cabinets, pantries and especially in the fridge, where the smaller footprint won’t take up as much space as turntables with a larger diameter.