AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

We’re all rolling up our sleeves this time of year, whether it’s to take a seat at the table or to be the creative force in the kitchen behind the next memorable meal. As any chef will tell you, the key to great flavor in a meal is the judicious use of fresh herbs, but they tend to be incredibly expensive to buy, especially if you prefer using them more nights than not.

Luckily, herbs are super simple to grow at home, especially when you can have a boost to your green thumb courtesy of Aerogarden, the countertop herb-grower that’s currently on sale at Amazon at an all-time low price.

The Aerogarden Harvest With Heirloom Salad Greens Pod Kit is discounted for just one day only, or until sold out.

This Aerogarden produces output at a rate five times faster than conventional growing thanks to some powerful LED grow lights, and you can cultivate a wide range of plants with this countertop garden, from basil to tomatoes, using less water than you normally would. This kit comes with heirloom salad greens seed pods included so you can get going growing.

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