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Digital and online fitness programs have really taken off the past few years. While many convenient (and safe) ways to work out were born from pandemic necessity, only some have continued to gain users. Why? Because consumers are now looking for the options that solve more than an issue tied to convenience - they’re looking for solutions that work virtually, without compromising on the interpersonal aspects of in-person training.

Guided fitness at your fingertips

Future is one of the apps that continues to stand out among the masses thanks to the quality and uniqueness of their online experience. Future is a new workout experience that pairs you one-on-one with a real life fitness coach who will map out a custom workout plan just for you. These elite coaches provide users with engaging sessions that inspire change through partnership and accountability, every single day. Having an expert in your corner dedicated to you and your fitness goals opens up Pandora’s box for the effectiveness of your workouts thanks to the everyday guidance and, most importantly, accountability your expert provides.

How Future Works:

  • Select a Coach: When you sign up for Future, you’re immediately paired with a coach to help set goals and achieve sustained health and fitness. Download the app to get started and your coach will schedule a strategy call to discuss your fitness goals, workout preferences and more to craft your custom plan.
  • Make a Plan: Your training plan is the key to achieving your fitness goals. Your coach will develop a comprehensive plan that’s catered to your schedule, priorities and overall fitness journey. You’ll have new guided workouts in the Future app every week.
  • Break a Sweat: Now comes the work! Get started working out as much as you want when you want. Keep in touch with your coach via text and Facetime and provide feedback on your workouts.
  • Track and Refine: Keep going! Future sends you an Apple Watch so you and your coach can track your progress, fine-tune your routine as needed and celebrate achievements.
CNN readers can exclusively get 50% off their first month with Future, and 20% off monthly thereafter

Coaching Changes Everything

Future combines the affordability and ease of a virtual workout plan with personalized guidance from an actual coach, making this approach the best of both worlds. Personal trainers can often cost upwards of $100 an hour, but with Future, fitness coaching is made affordable with its app, its unlimited access to a coach and unlimited workouts each month. Since it’s technology-based, Future pairs seamlessly with the Apple Watch, allowing you to track key metrics like calories burned and heart rate. It also syncs to other heart rate monitors via bluetooth. Together, you and your coach can track your progress, celebrate achievements and tune your routine to perfection. Every workout your coach provides is different, so whether you are training for something, have an upcoming event, or are simply trying to improve your overall wellness or gain strength, your workouts are customized to you and your goals.

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Start your fitness journey

CNN readers can exclusively get 50% off their first month with Future, and 20% off monthly thereafter. Unlimited personalized workouts, unlimited access to your expert coach via text and Facetime, goal-setting and workout tracking are included for the flat monthly rate. Compared to in-person training sessions, Future is a fantastic deal.

Future’s coaches are the heart of the program. They have backgrounds in professional coaching at the collegiate, professional and even Olympic levels. Bachelor’s or master’s degrees in exercise science are common. Not all fitness coaching is equal; you won’t find algorithms or folks roped into multilevel marketing here. These are elite professionals crafting custom workouts specifically for you! Your coach will check in via text daily and provide motivation on your fitness journey. The Future program is all about flexibility, so it’s easy to schedule vacations and alter workouts when your circumstances change. Your coach will tailor sessions to your workout location, so whether you exercise at home, outdoors, at a park or at a gym, you’re covered.

The new year will be here before you know it and there’s no time like the present to give Future a try and get your fitness goals on track. For a limited time, CNN readers get their first month for just $70. It’s a low-stakes way to work toward a big payoff. The winning combination of virtual flexibility, plus real, elite coaches could be just what you need to achieve your fitness goals.