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You don’t need to be an athlete — or even something resembling a devotedly active person — to appreciate the benefits of Therabody’s massage guns. That’s all the more true when they’re on sale for up to $150 off, as they are right now, along with the brand’s wellness bundles and other top-of-the-line recovery gear.

You don’t see Theraguns on sale often — and very rarely with these kinds of discounts — but when they are, it’s a great time to snap them up: They’re designed to ease tension and stress and enhance recovery after a serious workout, thanks to a little help from some percussive therapy that gets muscles back in the recovery groove.

The whole line, including the coveted Elite model as well as the Prime, Wave and several bundles (which would make for truly generous holiday gifts), are all deeply discounted now. Read on for more info about some of our favorite offerings.

Theragun Pro (RED) ($449, originally $599;

Theragun Pro

The top-of-the-line treatment from Theragun, this professional-grade massage gun is packed with features: a screen with a force meter (it delivers up to 60 pounds of force), customizable speed range and app integration makes it seamless to use. You’ll have plenty of relaxing sessions with its five-hour battery life. Plus, with this (RED) model, a portion of the sales will go to a global pandemic-fighting fund.

RecoveryAir Full-Body Bundle ($1,398, originally $1,698;

RecoveryAir Full-Body Bundle

If you’re someone who takes their workouts and recovery extremely seriously, this full-body bundle is everything you need to get your body back in working condition after particularly intense gym sessions. It’s a pneumatic compression system that helps to increase circulation and reduce soreness faster all over so you can get back and hit it again the next day.

Theragun Elite ($299, originally $399;

Theragun Elite

The Elite is great for daily use, and the super-quiet motor (up to 75% quieter, that is) makes it a great pick if you have housemates you’re sharing walls with after your early morning workout. It gets up to 60% deeper than average massagers to get you on your way to recovery fast.

Theragun Prime ($249, originally $299;

Theragun Prime

This Theragun is a great entry-level device that doesn’t compromise on massage quality — and it doesn’t skimp on battery life (two hours) or features (it still has an app to customize your program).

Wave Duo ($79, originally $99;

Wave Duo

While it might look like a hoverboard, you’re actually going to want to be horizontal for this Wave. It’s contoured to your back, spine and neck to vibrate away tension and pressure at just the right angle for maximum effectiveness.

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