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Life is already filled with so many “shoulds” — forget the added pressure that comes with New Year’s resolutions. That said, restructuring your habits this year doesn’t have to be hard; in some cases, it can actually be easier. Take, for example, Blue Apron, a cooking subscription service that delivers delicious recipes (and everything you need to make them) straight to your door. And now, with the new Wellness options, which include plenty of vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, meals are as nutritionally dense as ever.

So how, exactly, does a Blue Apron subscription make your life easier? For one, forget grocery shopping or wondering what’s for dinner — unpack the box of ingredients and recipes that you hand-picked, and you have everything you need to cook homemade, inspired meals. (That includes specialty sauces and ingredients that would otherwise be expensive, difficult to find or only sold in bulk.) For another, Blue Apron’s offerings include 50 different menu options each week, all made with nutrient-dense, nutritionist-approved, responsibly sourced ingredients. Finally, it’s significantly more cost-effective than ordering DoorDash every night, since weekly deliveries start at under $8 per serving.

In other words, it’s probably faster, cheaper, less stressful, more fun and better for you than what you’re already doing right now.

There are also plenty of customization options for specific or busy lifestyles. Some Wellness meals are WW-recommended, under 600 calories or vegetarian, and you can even swap out ingredients on certain recipes to suit your dietary preferences. And, if you need a little bit more flexibility with your subscription, you can skip weeks, change your number of servings and switch up your recipes whenever. After all, Blue Apron is all about balance, both in the kitchen and outside of it.

Blue Apron aims to help people unlock all of the benefits of home cooking without any of the hassle — but there are also Wellness Meal Prep bundles if you prefer to do things ahead of time. (In under 90 minutes, you’ll have eight servings for the whole week.) For those who don’t have any time to get creative in the kitchen, Blue Apron will also soon be introducing its first Wellness Heat & Eat option: a ready-to-eat meal that doesn’t sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

If you’re interested in streamlining your wellness journey this year, this is what your subscription experience will look like: You’ll choose your meals and your servings from the comfort of your computer chair. You’ll wait for your shipment to get delivered straight to your stoop. You’ll unpack your box, which contains recyclable ice packs and packaging (since this company is also committed to limiting its environmental impact). You’ll create inspired meals using fresh ingredients, chef-designed tastes and perfectly portioned amounts. You’ll learn new skills in the kitchen, get the nourishment you’re looking for and still have time to throw your feet up for a while before bed.

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