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Fourteen people involved in recent group thefts at high-end Los Angeles stores have been arrested, authorities said.

Groups working in tandem stole property “using weapons and physical force to overwhelm and intimidate store employees and other patrons” in 11 instances from November 18-28, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore announced in a press conference Thursday.

Among these incidents were four robberies, six burglaries and one grand theft, said Moore, who linked them to a series of what he described as smash-and grab thefts in the state and across the country.

Not all the recent group thefts have targeted high-end stores either, as there have also been similar crimes perpetrated against pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries.

Group robberies last month in California, Illinois and Minnesota have led to state and local law enforcement committing more resources toward combating organized theft.

“These crimes were characterized with multiple suspects working together and coordinate instances involving destruction of property, assault on store employees, and caravans of vehicles parking very close to high-end retail stores,” said Moore.

All 14 suspects in the Los Angeles crimes are out of custody, Moore said. Some suspects are still outstanding.

The amount of property that was stolen is worth about $338,000 and more than $40,000 in property damage, according to Moore, who said the stolen items are likely being resold at a discounted price.