T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Titanium Nonstick Fry Pan Set

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A quality nonstick pan is a true kitchen essential; from stir-fries to burgers to omelets, the stovetop staple basically does it all. But not all nonstick pans are created equally, as we found out during our testing of a dozen top-rated pans.

The T-fal, though, wowed us in every way — and right now for Cyber Monday, it’s just $24.99, the cheapest we’ve seen the pan in almost two years.

Best nonstick pan overall
This pan's depth gives it multipurpose functionality: It cooks standard frying-pan foods like eggs and meats, and its 2.5-inch sides are tall enough to prepare recipes you'd usually reserve for pots like rices and stews.

This pan can cook way more than the average frying pan, with the ability to boil and stew. Its extended side height helps contain voluminous veggies — like kale — that would otherwise overflow before they’re wilted down by heat.

When it comes to pulling off nonstick, the T-fal absolutely delivers. Nothing clings to the pan’s surface, which is made with anodized aluminum, a golden term in the nonstick world but one you might not be familiar with. Anodizing and aluminum go together like peanut butter and jelly; the electrochemical process converts the metal into a more durable, corrosion-resistant material, according to the Aluminum Anodizing Council. Rather than strengthening the pan’s surface layer like a coating would, aluminum that is anodized is integrated, so it can’t peel off or chip.

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