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When someone asks what Windows laptop they should get for everyday use, I almost universally say the Dell XPS 13. It looks and feels better than just about any laptop out there, is super portable and has more than enough power for most people’s daily workload. And if you don’t mind going with a slightly older model, you can get this fantastic notebook at a massive bargain right now for Cyber Monday.

Dell is currently selling the XPS 13 for just $799, which is a $210 savings and a fantastic price for the best mainstream Windows laptop out there.

The best Windows laptop
This Dell XPS 13 deal gets you a respectably powerful version of our favorite Windows laptop for a low price.

The one big catch is that you’re getting an older version of Dell’s InfinityEdge 1080p display, which has a fairly thick bottom bezel and isn’t truly borderless like the ones you’ll find on the newer models. But if you can live with that one trade-off, you’re getting most of what makes the Dell XPS 13 our pick for the best Windows laptop at a huge discount.

Despite rocking an older display, this Dell XPS 13 is fairly current on specs, rocking an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD storage drive. That’s more than enough power for juggling email, Slack and the countless Chrome tabs you probably accumulate throughout the day, and can get you through some lightweight photo and video editing. We tested a Dell XPS 13 with a slightly more capable Core i7 processor, which turned in some of the best performance scores we’ve seen in its price range while holding its own with pricier competitors in some areas.

And while this particular XPS 13 isn’t Dell’s newest or sleekest, it’s still one of the most attractive laptops you can get your hands on. Dell’s notebook has razor-thin 0.62 edges and weighs just 2.7 pounds, making it ideal for trips to the office or coffee shop. Its silver-and-black design feels sturdy and looks distinguished, and its excellent keyboard and soft-touch interior make it a delight to type on for hours on end.

You’re also getting some decent connectivity, with two Thunderbolt 4 ports (ideal for external 4K displays and speedy file transfers), a standard USB-C port and a microSD card slot for quickly transferring photos and videos. You might still need a USB-C hub to get all your accessories plugged in, but you’re still getting one more USB port than the newer model offers.

If you care about having a truly immersive laptop display (and want the option to upgrade to a stunning OLED screen), I’d recommend also taking a look at the latest $999 Dell XPS 13. But if you want to save $200, this is just about the best Windows notebook you’ll find for $800.