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If you’ve been thinking about bringing Alexa into your living room, now’s the time to pull the trigger. The Amazon Echo (4th Gen) — our pick for the best smart speaker — just hit its lowest price ever, allowing you to make your home a whole lot smarter without spending a ton.

So what makes the 4th Gen Echo so great? For starters, it’s the best-looking Echo yet, with a futuristic, spherical design that not only looks way cooler than the tall cylindrical Echos of the past, but also takes up less vertical space and has a more prominent notification light. The twilight blue, charcoal and white variations all look great, and make a nice complement to living rooms, kitchens and nightstands alike. The new Echo also sounds fantastic, pumping out louder audio than rivals such as the Nest Audio and HomePod Mini while featuring room-sensing technology to optimize your tracks for any environment.

The best smart speaker

The latest Amazon Echo is our favorite smart speaker thanks to its slick design and robust Alexa functionality, and it's available at a steep discount right now.

But as with any Echo device, Alexa is the real star of the show here. Amazon’s virtual assistant remains one of the most responsive and robust that we’ve tested, able to instantly answer all sorts of queries from weather checks to complex smart home commands. Alexa can even detect multiple voices, meaning that members of a family household can each access their own accounts, calendars and the like — just be sure to enable this.

The 4th Gen Echo can control the ever-growing list of Alexa-compatible smart home devices that includes thermostats, lights, smart plugs and everything in between. Additionally, it features built-in Zigbee connectivity to keep a wider range of gadgets online. If you’re building a smart home, this Echo will do a great job serving as its control center.

The latest Amazon Echo is already a great value at full price, and it’s especially hard to pass up at just $59.99. It’ll likely make your everyday routine a little easier — and will certainly help you entertain any loved ones coming over this holiday season.