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The Instagram-famous Always Pan from Our Place debuted as a smart way to free up the storage space once occupied by a jumble of myriad pots and pans — and since its launch last year, the fantastic Perfect Pot has joined the Always Pan as its meant-to-be sibling. Together, the two can replace your saucepans, stockpot, frying pans, braisers and more; there’s even a spoon rest built right into the handle of both pots for the (included) spatula.

And starting today, a good idea just got even better: The two are on sale as a bundle for $100 off, which you’re going to want to shop before they sell out.

The Always Pan and Perfect Pot are now $100 off when you purchase as a bundle.

The cookware holds up, and it’s super easy to clean (take it from me; I have no dishwasher and love to cook). The coating that makes it so easy to polish up is nonstick and chemical-free.

Put together, it’s the ideal combo for chefs who like to keep cooking delicious but simple meals (we’re talking one- or two-pot meals), or who just don’t have the storage space for a ton of cookware. And the discount means it’s the perfect time to purchase a set for yourself or for a family member who’s just moved into a new place. (Or scoop ’em both up, gift one and keep one for yourself — we won’t tell.)

Feel free to mix and match the colors as you pick out your set on Our Place’s site — just don’t dwell on the colorways too long, as this sale is bound to sell out.

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