A real road hog named Papa Pig backs up traffic in South Carolina

A hog named Papa Pig was blocking two lanes of traffic in York County, South Carolina, the sheriff's office said.

(CNN)A hog named Papa Pig kept York County, South Carolina, deputies busy one night last week.

The sheriff's office tweeted that two lanes of a road in the county were closed because of "a large pig blocking the road & causing onlooker delays" Thursday evening.
Deputies stayed with the pig to ensure it was safe until its owners could be found, according to a series of tweets that told the story as it unfolded.
      But when the owners were found and they showed up to get the pig, they had another problem.
        "Apparently, Papa Pig is so large he broke the trailer his owners had," the sheriff's office tweeted. So the county's mounted patrol brought its horse trailer and loaded him up.
            The office even shared a video of the pig stepping out of the trailer, safe at home at last.
            The sheriff's office then grabbed the opportunity to make a public service announcement. "And while we have your attention... Mr. Papa Pig asks you to please lock you car doors tonight and bring your valuables inside," the account tweeted.