Birds in the Amazon rainforest are evolving with climate change

Published 2:08 PM ET, Fri November 12, 2021
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The collared puffbird (Bucco capensis) inhabits midstory vegetation in the forests of northern Amazonia. Vitek Jirinec
Study coauthor Bruna Rodrigues do Amaral, a graduate student at Penn State University, measures a black-faced antthrush (Formicarius analis). Vitek Jirinec
Shown is the wing of a rufous-capped antthrush (Formicarius colma), which lives on the forest floor and forages in low undergrowth. Vitek Jirinec
The researchers' camp site is surrounded by primary forest. Vitek Jirinec
The variegated antpitta (Grallaria varia) also lives on the forest floor. Vitek Jirinec
Primary forest floor in Amazonia is shown. Vitek Jirinec
A researcher looks for elusive understory birds. Vitek Jirinec