Meet the teens making the digital world a kinder and gentler place

A new project called HX aims to generate reimagined models of technology that put people first, prioritizing psychological well-being and ethical behavior online.

(CNN)Deny your kids access to digital life, and you hamstring their social life — especially in a pandemic. You also limit their ability to develop online skills that will help them succeed.

Grant your kids access to digital life, and you obsessively track every move to make sure they are not doing anything you wouldn't want them to do. Or allow them some digital independence and accept they will inevitably end up doing or seeing things you wouldn't want them to.

Technology can feel like an impossible situation

    Experts say this lose-lose scenario isn't inescapable, though. Our kids' relationship with technology, and tech itself, can change in a way that prioritizes psychological well-being and ethical behavior.
      A new collaborative project called HX brings together top thinkers and researchers in the field of ethical technology to work on generating new language, ideas and models of technology that put people first.
        Tech companies currently put a lot of resources into perfecting the "user experience," or how easy and pleasant a device or applichation is to use. HX wants us to also consider the "human experience," in all our technology interactions, with a focus on how tech makes us feel, said David Ball, senior director at Headstream, an innovation program focused on building healthy and positive digital spaces and experiences for teens.
        "As technology has become so integrated into our lives, we've start