Solo Stove Yukon

Anyone looking to invest in a quality fire pit, you’re in luck — Solo Stove is having a massive sale on its smoke-free fire pits in a range of sizes and colors. You’ll find discounts on bundles and buy-one-get-one deals on smaller fire pits that are perfect for camping. These are the lowest prices Solo Stove has had all year – up to 35% off – so if you’ve been holding off, now is definitely the time to buy.

Sale items start at $69.99, but knowing Solo Stove, they won’t last for long. Here are some of the best items to shop before they sell out.

Solo Stove Lite ($69.99, originally $89.99;

Solo Stove Lite

It all started with the Solo Stove Lite, and now you can get one for you and a friend at this great price. Because of the Lite’s small size, it’s perfect to take with you on outdoor trips, and you don’t have to worry about bringing fuel.

Solo Stove Yukon + Stand ($459.99, originally $689.99;


The king of all fire pits, the Yukon’s massive size makes it perfect for big families or those looking to wow with an impressively large yet smoke-free fire pit. Get it now with the stand, which ensures heat won’t transfer to whatever surface the Yukon sits on. This bundle is also available on sale for the Ranger and Bonfire. If you just want the Yukon fire pit itself, it’s at an all-time low price of $399.99.

Solo Stove Bonfire Backyard Bundle ($369.99, originally $639.99;

backyard bundle

For those who need a more medium-sized fire pit for their backyard, the Bonfire is the perfect fit. Now you can even save close to $300 when you get it with all the bells and whistles, including the stand, shield to help with stray embers and shelter to protect it from the elements. This bundle is also available on sale for the Ranger and Yukon.

Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand in Ash, Sand, Clay, Soil or Water ($349.99, originally $439.99;

Solo Stove Ranger

Solo Stove turned the heat up a notch on its bestselling fire pits with its latest launch, the Elemental Color Series. All three smokeless stoves — the Yukon, Bonfire and Ranger — are now available in five new colorways, which marks the first time the brand has offered a color coating on any of its products. Even though these are brand new, they’re on sale for Cyber Monday for 20% off.

Ranger Cast-Iron Grill Cooking Bundle ($344.99, originally $534.99;

cast iron ranger

If you fancy yourself an outdoor chef, this bundle is for you. The cast-iron grill attachment means you can grill anywhere you take your Ranger, and you’ll also get a stand to help with heat transfer. While the Ranger is the most portable of the bunch and is perfect to use for grilling while camping, you can also get this grill bundle on sale for the Yukon or Bonfire.

Yukon Ultimate Bundle ($699.99, originally $1,249.99;

yukon sticks

For the ultimate holiday treat, you can get the Yukon, plus a stand, shield, shelter, fire pit tools to help you tend to your fire and sticks for roasting. It’s the quintessential campfire experience the whole family can enjoy, and it’s $425 off. You can also get this bundle on sale if you want either the Ranger or the Bonfire.

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