Cleaning out the tub drain is no one’s favorite task — especially when you’re sharing with roommates, friends or family. Enter the TubShroom, which sits right in your drain and lets the hair catch around it as it tries to escape. Better yet, it’s less than $10 on Amazon right now — that’s more than 50% off and the lowest price we’ve seen.

54% off

For just one day, you can snag both the neutral, unobtrusive gray and white versions of the TubShroom at this rock-bottom price. Thus, it probably makes sense to stock up and secure one for every bathroom in the house.

TubShroom negates the need for liquid solutions, which can be harmful to plumbing and the environment (not to mention, digging around in your drain with a chopstick is incredibly ill advised). It works in all standard tub drains, and it’s super easy to clean too: When it gets a little full, just lift it up out of the drain, remove the hair and place it back.

Just be sure to buy yours before the deal ends or all the Shrooms sell out.