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When it comes to personalized gifts, there are different levels of personalization. On one hand, there’s a $5 mug that says something like “World’s Best Mom” — and on the other hand, there’s a family portrait from Paint Your Life. The former, while it may make them smile for a moment, typically ends up shoved into the back of their cupboard. The latter, which makes them smile for a lifetime, ends up front and center in their home. It also makes them think of you every single time they look at it.

If you’re strapped for ideas this holiday season, a personalized portrait is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s unique, it’s deeply touching and it artfully captures the emotion behind your favorite moment and your favorite people. (It’s also a brilliant gift for the family member who’s notoriously hard to buy for or the friend who has everything else.)

So how does it work? Paint Your Life offers two options: You can turn an existing photograph into a beautiful painting, or you can create your own portrait using the site’s compilation service, which allows you to combine several photos into one unique portrait. Both are simple, allow for ample customization options and give you full say throughout the entire process — plus, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the finished result.

Option 1: Existing Photograph Portrait

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Let’s start with the existing photograph option: Simply upload your favorite photo of your family, whether that’s your significant other, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, extended family and even pets. Then choose the size and the medium (there’s oil, charcoal, acrylic, color pencil, pastel and black pencil, though oil is the most popular since it’s durable and vibrant). From there, the artist of your choice will create your customized masterpiece using the photo you provided — and if the photo isn’t in the best condition, Paint Your Life can help you bring it back to life despite creases, blurs and smudges.

Option 2: Compilation Portrait

Unfortunately, however, sometimes family members are missing from group photos. Parents and grandparents leave the world too soon; friends and family move away. If your dream photo doesn’t exist, Paint Your Life’s compilation service can help you create it. This feature allows you to dream up a portrait and turn it into a reality. Start by choosing your theme, medium and artist, then upload separate images of all the involved people and pets, and after a 20% down payment, you’ll receive a digital composition that you can review and approve. After that, the design goes to your artist, who paints your portrait and works with you to offer modifications throughout the process. Once the final painting is finished and approved by you, you choose your frame, pay the remaining balance and get ready to receive your work of art. Looking for more detail on the entire Compilation Portrait process? Check out this step-by-step overview.

Currently, Paint Your Life has over 9,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.9 stars. Past buyers have called it “absolutely amazing,” a “wonderful experience” and “the best and most thoughtful gift.” They also rave about how easy it is to use the service from start to finish.

Through the remainder of 2021, Paint Your Life is offering $70 off of your order with code CNN70. Order your portrait now, and you can receive it in time for the holidays. (Medium-sized oil and acrylic paintings take anywhere from 13 to 19 days, while larger oil and acrylic portraits take 16 to 22 days. All other mediums can be at your doorstep in under 24 days.)