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There’s no better feeling in the world than when someone tells you you’ve made their day. And there’s no better way to guarantee a great day than to start it off with a great cup of coffee. So whether it’s for the coming holiday season or just because you feel like making someone’s day — no, year — with a wonderful present, giving someone a Keurig coffee brewer is like leaving them a little note every morning that says “I think you’re just terrific.”

Why? Keurig’s technology brings barista power into your home kitchen, which means that you can turn even the dreariest morning into a warm, flavorful start to a great day. That’s superpowered with the K-Supreme Plus SMART brewer, which has BrewID technology. It actually identifies what brand and roast are in your pod and adjusts the brew settings so that it’s like an actual, human roasting expert is making you your own amazing cup of coffee.

Plus, the K-Supreme Plus SMART and the K-Slim both have Keurig’s MultiStream technology, which makes sure the coffee grounds are evenly distributed with five specially angled needles, meaning the brewer extracts more flavor and more aroma, which multiplies the deliciousness of every cup.

Here are the Keurig brewers we think you should check out as you do your gift shopping this year:

K-Supreme Plus SMART ($199.99;

K-Supreme Plus Smart

If your friend’s the kind of coffee lover who spends more time telling the barista at the coffee shop how to make their order than actually drinking the coffee, then the K-Supreme Plus SMART should be on the top of your list for them. Not only does it have the SMART BrewID and MultiStream tech we mentioned, it also lets you play barista yourself. You can customize the temperature, strength and size through the brewer or from your smartphone, and then save your settings. So every time you brew a cuppa, it’s perfect for the only person who matters: you

K-Café Special Edition ($199.99;


You won’t need to go out to the café to get rich, delicious lattes and cappuccinos anymore. The K-Café Special Edition combines Keurig coffee with a frother so that your next home cappuccino or cocoa is the kind of steaming mug of foamy goodness you’d expect from a professional. Plus, you can froth cold milk for iced lattes!

K-Duo Special Edition ($199.99;


Whether you’re making a coffee just for yourself or for a bunch of guests, the K-Duo Special Edition Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker will fit the bill. It has a 60-ounce water reservoir that can switch between single-serve and carafe functions. If you do fill up the 12-cup glass carafe, there’s an included heating plate that means you won’t have to worry about your joe getting cold. You can even program a brew up to 24 hours ahead of time.

K-Slim ($99.99;


Sometimes it’s the little things that count, and that goes double for the K-Slim. With a space-saving design that belies the caffeinated punch it packs, the K-Slim’s the perfect choice for apartment living, crowded countertops and those who like simple but elegant design. Even though it’s petite, it can brew four 8-ounce cups before you have to fill the reservoir.

Keurig’s all about making every day start with a magical morning, helping us love life more. And with free shipping on orders over $29 and 25% off the list price on Auto-Delivery orders, spreading the Keurig love is easier than ever.