Now that the AirPods 3rd Generation ($179; amazon.com) are here, we’re taking a good look at how we can accessorize and protect these tiny but mighty earbuds. Adding a case to your AirPods 3 is a great way to keep them protected but also coordinate your new Apple purchase with your personal style and other tech accessories. We’ve rounded up options from brands like Spigen, Incipio and Casely so you can find a case that fits your style, durability needs and budget.

Tough Clear Case ($30; case-mate.com)

Tough Clear Case

This case protects against drops, scratches and scuffs and comes with a carabiner to clip onto your purse, bag or backpack for extra convenience. It’s clear, so it’ll show off your AirPods 3 while keeping them safe.

Elago Armor Case ($12.99; amazon.com)

Elago Armor Case

A simple but functional option to keep your AirPods 3 protected is this pick from Elago. It’s a lower-priced option that’s made of a premium silicone to absorb shock from drops and generally protect against scratches and scrapes. It’s available in black, gray and a beige tone.

Pelican Protector ($25; case-mate.com)

Pelican Protector

Featuring a waterproof IPX7 rating, the Pelican Protector case is durable and protective. It’s made of an easy-to-grip material and is military-grade drop tested. The black case can easily blend in with any of your other tech accessories.

Soap Bubble Case ($30; case-mate.com)

Soap Bubble Case

Add a swirl of iridescence to your AirPods 3 case with this pick from Case-Mate. It’s wireless charging compatible and covered in MicroPel, an antibacterial coating to help reduce the spread of germs.

Organicore for AirPods 3 ($24.99; incipio.com)

Organicore for AirPods 3

Available in three different colors (black, light pink and light blue), this AirPods 3 case is 100% biodegradable in a compostable environment, so you’re protecting your new earbuds and the earth. The shock-absorbing shell will reduce damage from drops, and the case itself will help prevent scratches and scuffs.

Kate Spade AirPods 3 Case ($34.99; incipio.com)

Kate Spade AirPods 3 Case

This AirPods 3 case by designer Kate Spade comes in a pretty floral, an iridescent option and a glittery pink variation. It comes with a premium hardware clip to attach to your bag or keychain and offers all-around protection from accidents.

Spigen Silicone Fit ($17.99; amazon.com)

Spigen Silicone Fit

A lower-budget option, this pick from Spigen comes in black or a charcoal gray. The soft silicone case is designed to be comfortable in the hand, and the design is slim but shock absorbent to keep your earbuds safe.

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($24.99; amazon.com)

Spigen Tough Armor Case

This case looks tough, and it certainly is. It features extreme impact foam to dissipate shock should you drop your AirPods case, and it comes in four different metallic finishes.

Presidio Clear Case ($24.95; speckproducts.com)

Presidio Clear Case

Speck’s Presidio Clear Case is a durable and protective option that comes in a fully clear colorway or a sheer light pink tone. The clear coating is scratch- and discoloration-resistant to keep your AirPods 3 looking clean and fresh.

Classic White Marble AirPods Case ($20; getcasely.com)

Classic White Marble AirPods Case

This case takes your white AirPods 3 case and adds a chic touch with a marble pattern. It’s a simple aesthetic change, but we think it looks great. Plus, the case helps protect from drops and scratches.

Modern Leather Case ($34.95; nomadgoods.com)

Nomad Goods
Modern Leather Case

This leather case is certainly sleek. The interior microfiber lining will protect your case from getting scraped, and the exterior Horween leather gives a sophisticated look to your AirPods 3 case. The leather is designed to age well over time so the case stays looking good.

Presidio Case With Soft Touch Coating ($24.95; speckproducts.com)

Presidio Case With Soft Touch Coating

The soft touch coating on this case will feel comfortable in your hand while providing some extra grip to help prevent drops. It’s available in black or dark blue and comes with a carabiner. The two-piece design is also designed with anti-stretch technology for a snug fit all throughout your daily wear and tear.

Paint the Town Case ($20; getcasely.com)

Paint the Town Case

This AirPods 3 case is a tricolor colorblock case that’s light blue, teal and a mustard yellow tone. We like the pop of color and protection against dust, scuffs and drops. If this color mix isn’t your perfect match, there are four options to choose from.

Forever Grateful Case ($20; getcasely.com)

Forever Grateful Case

The Forever Grateful case is part of Casely’s Grateful Dead collection, and we think it also looks great against the striking white case of your AirPods 3. It’s shock absorbent to help prevent damage and will overall help protect from scuffs and scrapes.

Sahara Case Armor Series ($29.99; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy
Sahara Case Armor Series

Available in black, navy and a deep red, this case is made of durable TPU and plastic and is lightweight despite looking a bit bulky. It’ll keep your earbuds safe while you’re on the go, and the included carabiner helps add extra portability.