Marshawn Lynch smiles during his time with the Oakland Raiders.
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Marshawn Lynch is a treasure and needs to be preserved at all costs.

The former NFL running back was one of the guests on the “Manningcast” coverage – hosted by NFL legends and brothers Peyton and Eli Manning – of Monday’s Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints game.

And although the Saints claimed a vital victory in their hopes of making the playoffs, winning 13-10, it was Lynch who stole the show.

“Beast Mode” joined the broadcast and was asked by Eli if he had stuck to his pre-game tradition of having a shot of Hennessy before coming on.

“Because I’m not playing, I had three shots minimum today,” Lynch explained. “So I’m feeling real good. So I took one for me, I took one for big brah and I got one for little brah.”

After a commercial break, Eli said that he used the time to go and have himself his own shot of Hennessy. “One for big bro, and one for Beast Mode.”

Known for speaking his mind, during his time on the coverage, Lynch let out a number of expletives, including exclaiming “what the f**k” in surprise. He also said “sh*t” a number of times on air.

Peyton and Eli Manning attend the Annual Charity Day on September 12, 2016 in New York City.

His time on the broadcast did not go by without Peyton asking Lynch about the infamous ending to Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 when, down four points with just one second left on the New England Patriots’ 1 yard line, the Seahawks decided to pass the ball rather than attempt to let Lynch run it in.

Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepted the intended pass to seal the dramatic victory and the decision to pass rather than run has been debated ever since.

On Monday night, Peyton poked fun at Lynch, asking if he would prefer to run the ball on fourth-and-short or pass, possibly near the goal line. The 35-year-old broke out in laughter before saying “put the ball in my hands” before going to commercial break.

Not long after he had left the broadcast, Peyton offered an apology for Lynch’s language.

“I want to thank Marshawn Lynch,” he said. “Not as wild about the language. I want to apologize about some of the language. It’s not what we’re trying to do on the show.”

A haul

Another guest on the “Manningcast” coverage was one of Peyton and Eli’s biggest rivals during their playing days, Tom Brady.

Brady’s appearance on the show came a day after he became the first player in NFL history to have thrown 600 touchdown passes in his career in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rout of the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

However, instead of getting the history-making ball to commemorate the moment, his wide receiver Mike Evans gave it to a lucky fan in the front row.

After some bartering, the Buccaneers eventually got the ball back, but it came at a price.

Evans gives a game ball to a fan after scoring a touchdown against the Chicago Bears.

And on his appearance on the broadcast on Monday, Brady explained what the fan got in return for handing over the ball.

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According to ESPN, Byron Kennedy – the fan who had the ball – received two signed Brady jerseys, a helmet, a signed Evans jersey, a pair of his game cleats, $1,000 credit at the team story and two season tickets for the remainder of the 2021 season and for the 2022 season.

Although Brady admitted Kennedy “lost all of his leverage when he gave the ball away,” he will also be giving him a bitcoin as repayment.