Start your week smart: Vanessa Bryant, UK, coronavirus, Ahmaud Arbery, Russia

Updated 9:40 AM ET, Sun October 17, 2021

Call it a lucky streak! A 47-year-old man recently won $100,000 on a scratch-off ticket in Maryland -- and it's not his first time. Here's what else you need to know to Start Your Week Smart. Here's what else you need to know to Start Your Week Smart.

The weekend that was

The week ahead

Jury selection starts in the state trial of three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery last year in Georgia. Arbery, 25, was jogging near Brunswick when he was chased down and fatally shot. Two of the suspects claimed they were conducting a citizen's arrest and acted in self-defense.
Former President Donald Trump has been ordered to sit for a video deposition in a case involving an alleged assault during a demonstration outside of Trump Tower. The judge overseeing the case ordered him to appear as part of a case filed by protesters who say Trump's then-head of security hit one of the protesters in September 2015.
Sophie Zhang, a Facebook whistleblower interviewed by CNN, will testify about the company before British lawmakers. She will appear before a joint committee on the country's draft online safety bill.
The Winter Olympics torch-lighting ceremony will be held in Greece's ancient Olympia. Beijing will host the Olympic Games in February and Paralympic Games in March. It will allow some spectators in the stands -- but only if they're from mainland China and meet coronavirus safety requirements.
The Orionid meteor shower, which NASA calls one of the most beautiful of the year, takes place all month. Stargazers can see the Orionids in the northern and southern hemispheres after midnight -- with a peak Thursday morning.

Photos of the week

Astronauts walk in space suits during a Mars training mission in Israel's southern Negev desert. Here's a look at 37 moving, fascinating and thought-provoking images from the week that was, curated by CNN Photos.

What's happening in entertainment

It's all about the psycho killers with the return of Netflix's "You" and Showtime's "Dexter: New Blood." The new season of "You" finds murderous couple Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn escaping to suburbia, where old problems follow them to a new zip code. In "Dexter: New Blood," killer Dexter Morgan is on a sort of self-created murder rehab journey with his Dark Passenger tied up in his trunk, so to speak.

What's happening in sports

Basketball's back
The NBA season kicks off Tuesday with plenty of stats to study. Will LeBron James pass Karl Malone as No. 2 for all-time scoring and field goals? Will Stephen Curry overtake Ray Allen for the all-time lead in 3-pointers?
The Raiders' abrupt new era
In their first game since their head coach resigned, the Las Vegas Raiders will take on the Denver Broncos today at 4:25 p.m. ET. Coach Jon Gruden stepped down over reports of homophobic, racist and misogynistic emails.

Quiz time!

US officials said that diplomatic talks with foreign officials were "candid and professional." Who were these talks with?
A. Russia's diplomatic core
B. Members of the Taliban
C. A delegation from North Korea
D. Representatives from the 'Quad'

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This one's for you, pasta lovers
Today is National Pasta Day. So we scoured the internet looking for the perfect ode to this delicious delicacy loved worldwide.