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For many, uncovering their ancestry is a profound experience. The timeless questions of who we are and where we come from are deeply written into our genes. But it has historically been a lot of work to delve meaningfully into the past, especially when digging up info from more than a couple generations back. DNA analysis has been a game changer in that journey, and with new deals at the outset of the holiday season, Ancestry® is making it easier than ever for everyone to delve into the story told by their genes.

For a limited time, you can save on DNA kits for everyone with the AncestryDNA Family Pack. The pack includes FREE shipping and FREE Traits upgrades. Simply buy two DNA kits ($99 per kit; and get one FREE.

But hurry — this early gifting offer ends Oct. 29.

So how does an AncestryDNA kit work? Upon purchase, you’ll receive a test tube in the mail with a return address label. Gather saliva in the tube and return your DNA to the lab for analysis (the return label is prepaid, so there are no additional costs for mailing it back). And voilà! After a few weeks your results will be available online. There, you can explore the multidimensional story written in your DNA with an intuitive interface that walks you through key chapters in your own personalized narrative.

These include ethnicity estimates that give a more precise picture of just where your ancestors came from, including specific regions. (That level of detail can mean the difference between a generic “Italy” and “Campania” specifically.) Migration maps trace the movement of your ancestors over time, in some instances including the likely “why” behind their journeys across the world. (Irish Potato Famine, anyone?) And the DNA Matches option gives users a chance to compare their results with others, and even uncover distant or long-lost relatives. (Who knew you had a second cousin in the next town over?)


Our understanding of genetics and DNA has made leaps and bounds in recent years, and the pace of change continues unabated. As the science advances, so does Ancestry. Its AncestryDNA kits are improving all the time by baking the latest science and research into periodic updates. A recent ethnicity estimate update, for instance, covers over 1,500 global regions across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, making for the most precise geographic look into the past that Ancestry has offered to date. In some instances, genetic markers can be traced to specific islands, peninsulas and even towns.

And with AncestryDNA Traits unlocked for free for all three kits during this special offer, users can explore additional insights related to their physical appearance, fitness levels, nutrition, wellness and more. Traits offers a constellation of fun and interesting genetic details across 35-plus personal traits, from the average finger length of other northern Spaniards to whether you may have above-average endurance. It’s a deep dive into the personal traits that make you, well, you.

Our DNA isn’t destiny, but it does have plenty to teach us — and what it reveals can be profound. Ancestry makes it easy to put those insights to use, and its early gifting offer is the perfect opportunity to do so for you, your family or a friend.