International Day of the Girl Child 2021: Raising strong girls during a pandemic

(CNN)On International Day of the Girl Child, the second in a pandemic, I am grateful for this United Nations-designated day. It's given us a moment to step back to consider what we can do to parent our girls -- and really, all our children -- in the middle of a pandemic, social division, violence and political unrest.

During difficult times, how do we keep the eye on the prize -- raising healthy and resilient children who can become strong and caring adults who, as my mother says, can pay the rent?
I turned to some experts and thoughtful people who often speak to CNN Science and Wellness, and I found their words apply to all of our children -- and maybe adults, too.

    Your contents matter

      Psychologist Lisa Damour wants girls to know that "their true value lies in their contents, not their containers."
        "It's easy for girls to get the message that how they look matters above all. What counts is inside," said Damour,