Amplify Energy faces possible class-action lawsuit after Southern California oil spill

The recently cleaned beach in the affected area of the oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach, California on Monday.

(CNN)A Southern California DJ, who said he will lose substantial business because of an oil spill off the coast of Orange County, filed a lawsuit Monday against the operator of the pipeline and its affiliated companies.

The complaint against Amplify Energy and its subsidiary Beta Operating Company, which operates the pipeline, said plaintiff Peter Moses Gutierrez Jr., whose company regularly books events along Huntington Beach, will lose business for the foreseeable future. It also alleged that Gutierrez, who is a local resident, has been or will be exposed to toxins as a result of the spill.
The complaint, which seeks class-action status, alleged the vast shoreline affected by the spill has suffered "tremendous damage" and residents and animals have endured "catastrophic" consequences.
      On Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency due to the spill. "The state is moving to cut red tape and mobilize all available resources to protect public health and the environment," he said in a statement.
        The breach occurred about five miles off Huntington Beach and spilled as much as 144,000 gallons of oil, officials said.
          According to documents reviewed by CNN, authorities were notified late Friday of reports of an oil sheen at the site of the pipeline spill, more than 12 hours before Amplify reported it to state and federal officials.
          But in an interview with CNN on Monday, Amplify CEO Martyn Willsher said a sheen was detected by company personnel Saturday morning, not Friday night. Willsher said while there is equipment to detect the leak without visibly seeing oil spills, there were no notices of a potential leak in the line before Saturday.
          The lawsuit also named 100 unnamed "subsidiaries and/or affiliates" of Amplify that "may be responsible for the conduct" alleged in the lawsuit.
          CNN has reached out to Amplify Energy and Beta Operating for comment.
          Amplify is a Houston-based company with 222 employees as of the end of 2018, the last time it reported its staff size in a company filing. Its most recent financial report shows sales of $153 million, with year-to-date losses of $54.4 million through the end of June.