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Grey Poupon is doubling down on its hoity-toity image with a new white wine.

It’s introducing La Moutarde Vin, a limited-edition “celebration” of the white wine used in the mustard recipe. The wine, which is intended for “making lunch feel like a feast” according to a press release from Kraft Heinz (KHC), is now on sale for $30 for a standard bottle and includes a jar of Grey Poupon mustard.

“We’ve watched as leisurely lunches have been replaced by food delivery apps and deskside speed snacking,” said Danielle Coopersmith, brand manager for sandwich enhancers at Kraft Heinz, in the release. “Here at Grey Poupon, we want lunch to feel worthy of savoring again.”

La Moutarde Vin is now on sale.

The full-bodied wine is infused with Grey Poupon mustard seeds and uses Viognier grapes from southern France. Kraft Heinz added that the wine features “bright hints of spice and pronounced citrus” and “floral characteristics” making it ideal to pair with charcuterie boards, sandwiches or even Grey Poupon itself.

Yes, it’s a stunt wine — but it’s earning solid reviews. Trade publication The Drinks Business called La Moutarde “well structured and well-made,” adding that it would be a “fine match with most poultry dishes.”

Food brands selling wine as a promotional stunt is nothing new. For instance, Taco Bell last year sold Jalapeño Noir, a red wine to pair with its tacos. Cheez-It also teamed up with House Wine to sell a combination box that includes the cheesy cracker and a red wine.