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If a certain area of your home sees a lot of action — we’re talking frequent foot traffic in places like the hallways and the kitchen — then chances are it’s also prone to tracked-in dirt, spills and food stains.

Does this mean that you can’t have nice things like a stylish area rug?

Of course not! It just means you have to get resourceful and equip your home with a washable rug.

Washable rugs are the perfect solution for entryways, dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms — essentially anywhere in the house that sees a lot of foot traffic or is vulnerable to spills and food messes.

With a washable rug like the ones from Boutique Rugs, you’ll be at ease knowing that the glass of red wine you spilled or the mud that your furry companion tracked in won’t leave behind a permanent stain. In these instances, all you have to do is spot treat the dirty area, toss the rug in the wash and roll it back into place.

Boutique Rugs’ vast selection of washable rugs come in a variety of sizes and colors, and at affordable prices. So whether you’re a renter looking for a temporary upgrade for your floors, a college student who wants to add a homey touch to your dorm room or a family with kids and pets, Boutique Rugs has got you covered.

And this May, take up to 80% OFF your total purchase at Boutique Rugs. Here are some current washable favorites you can shop now:

Rosman Washable Area Rug (starting at $43;

Rosman Washable Area Rug

With warm shades of burnt orange, blush pink and a hint of pale blue, the naturally aged look of the Rosman Washable Area Rug makes it the perfect fit for any high-traffic area like the front entryway or the living room. Plus, the affordable price is an easy way to incorporate a rustic-chic piece into your home without breaking the bank.

Neyland Washable Area Rug (starting at $77;

Neyland Washable Area Rug

Vibrant pops of color make the Neyland Washable Area Rug a bright centerpiece — not to mention a conversation starter — for whatever room it’s in, whether that’s as a hallway runner or an area rug for the dining room.

Ganyangan Washable Area Rug (starting at $79;

Ganyangan Washable Area Rug

Subtle and sophisticated, this Turkish-made rug offers a neutral shade that allows it to naturally fit into many different interior styles, whether you’re going for a modern look, farmhouse style or classic and traditional. And, of course, there’s no need to fret about dirtying up this chic washable rug, which means you can place it in the areas with the most foot traffic and it will still be safe from messes.

Watchtower Washable Area Rug (starting at $79;

Watchtower Washable Area Rug

Warm shades of peach, blue and cream make up the Watchtower Washable Area Rug, which evokes a bohemian-chic style that’s perfect for a sun-filled living room or apartment.

Baltinglass Washable Area Rug (starting at $79;

Baltinglass Washable Area Rug

Are you going for a traditional look? Consider the Baltinglass Washable Area Rug. The warm tones and intricate patterns give this rug the appearance of an antique rug at a fraction of the price, and without the hassle of hunting for an actual antique piece.

No matter your interior style or whether you’re in the market for a kitchen runner or a large area rug, washable rugs are the perfect solution to put your mind at ease.

And don’t forget, to make it even easier to ensure your home is protected from inevitable messes, Boutique Rugs is offering up to 80% OFF your total purchase this May!