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The cool bite of fall is in the air, the leaves are turning and there’s no better time to get outdoors to camp, hike and embrace the season. And when you’re out and about — through corn mazes, on cold campsite mornings or dodging an autumn downpour on the way to work — it helps to have a warm drink in your hand.

For that, we turn to YETI.

If you’re not familiar with the brand already, first, get ready to have your life changed, and second, welcome aboard. With a legendary reputation for reliability and durability, YETI makes tough-as-nails hard coolers built like tanks, soft coolers that keep the goods fresh every step of the way and drinkware that insulates like you wouldn’t believe.

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These insulation phenoms make sure your hot stuff stays hot and your cold stuff stays cold — no matter the weather. That’s a nifty trick to pull off, and one reason why its legendary ramblers remain our go-to for cool porch mornings and fireside nights alike.

Stylish, dependable, equally at home in the backcountry and the car cup holder, YETI products have already won tons of buyers over. So when it was announced it was launching limited-edition color collections — exclusively available fall 2021 — YETI lovers couldn’t wait to take a look.

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Harvest Red takes a page from the wine-dark hues of the season’s sweetest fruits. Highlands Olive is inspired by the rugged green hills that cloak the Scottish coast. And Sharptail Taupe mirrors one of the most elusive birds of Big Sky Country.

Available for YETI’s drinkware, soft coolers, hard coolers and Crossroad bags product lines (exclusive to, these limited-edition colors make a splash no matter the season. Here are some popular callouts:

Harvest Red Roadie 24 ($199.99;

Harvest Red Roadie 24

Along with the Tundra 45 and Tundra Haul, the Roadie 24 is a bestseller, and for good reason. Combining incredible durability and weather resistance with extended ice retention, the Roadie 24 keeps whatever it is you want fresh fresh. Owners of this cooler love that it’s tall enough for a bottle of wine but slim enough to squeeze behind the seat of a car. Even better? This refreshed version is 10% lighter, holds 20% more and performs 30% better thermally than its legendary predecessor.

Highlands Olive Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler ($249.99;

Highlands Olive Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler

Leakproof? Check. Takes beating and keeps going? Check. Ultra portable? Check. Off road, on the water and back again, the Hopper Flip 12 is a go-to for all the times you want your ice to stay ice, even out in the most rugged of backcountry. A wide-mouth opening makes access a breeze, and the detachable shoulder strap and reinforced handles make it easy to grab and go.

Harvest Red 64-Ounce Rambler ($64.99;

Harvest Red 64-Ounce Rambler

Need sweet, sweet icy refreshment on your long-haul adventure? Newly released and extremely sleek, this 64-ounce Rambler boasts double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your H20 ice-cold even in triple digits. And the No Sweat™ exterior means you don’t have to worry about condensation making your hands slip. Built like a rock from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the Rambler makes staying hydrated as you chase tastes, sights and sounds far from civilization a cinch.

Whether it’s for you, for your family or a gift for the holidays, you can rest assured that YETI products are built to last — and eye-catching too, thanks to these limited-edition fall 2021 colors.