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Fall is here, which means many kids are (finally!) back in class, summer vacations have ended and been replaced by normal working hours, and mealtimes have gone back to being as regular — and exciting — as a grandfather clock. Though we can’t help you out with those first two things, we can definitely put a little oomph back into your meal routine by sending you straight to Blue Apron. It’s time to reset for the fall!

Saving time and keeping the rest of your family’s life running smoothly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor or nutrition, since Blue Apron keeps dinner interesting. Having a career and kids doesn’t mean you have to settle for tuna casserole Mondays and leftover-meat taco Tuesdays.

Blue Apron has rolled out its biggest menu ever, which means you get to pick from 50 meal options a week — and even the pickiest eater in your household will be begging for seconds. With Premium recipes, Signature meals, vegetarian and Wellness (600-calorie-or-less, nutritionist-approved) options, those with special dietary needs or delicate taste buds will be pleased, too. Plus you can customize by swapping out, adding or upgrading ingredients to make your meals your family’s own.

If you’re the one managing the household groceries and meals, you’ve got a lot on your plate — and you’ll likely get even more value out of Blue Apron’s real draw: the savings in time and labor. Most of Blue Apron’s recipes take 35 minutes or less to prepare, and you won’t have to go searching in every grocery in a 10-mile radius to find obscure or unnecessarily expensive ingredients.

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Blue Apron takes care of all that, so you won’t waste valuable time every week stressing out looking for that one last thing you need a dash of for a single meal. With all that — and extra-streamlined meal options for when you really don’t have any time to spare — Blue Apron takes care of the meal planning, grocery shopping and ingredient prep, so you get to spend all that time you’ve saved on quality time with the family over a delicious, home-cooked meal.

You’re not locked into Blue Apron’s routine, either — it makes the meal plans fit your life. You can skip weeks and alter the number of servings you need for when your mother-in-law’s in town for a month. Need to add on extras to keep her happy with multicourse dinners, like the ones she gets at the country club? No problem! It’s a cinch to add on appetizers, sides and desserts. And why wait for your MIL’s visit to spice things up? Work-from-home lunches can get that extra little zing, too!

When you do have a little extra time and want to really get into cooking? Premium recipes teach you about new specialty ingredients and techniques so that you can expand your repertoire. And you know you don’t have to worry about where the ingredients are coming from, because Blue Apron adheres to strict animal-welfare standards.

If you still need more reasons to sign up, Blue Apron gives you eight free meals and free shipping when you sign up — over a full week, on the house!

With fall here and your routine settling back into its groove, Blue Apron will make sure you get a little time to yourself — and enjoy it.