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We’re living way more of our lives online than we were just two years ago, which has made the world a much easier place to live in — but it’s also made us and our families more vulnerable to dangers our grandparents couldn’t have even imagined. 1Password is the essential one-stop password manager for making you and your family safer from 21st-century threats.

1Password is more than just a top-notch password manager — though you can rest assured you’ll never have to write down or remember a password again with it. It’s an effective shield against hackers, fraudsters and cybercriminals of all stripes. It’s essentially the first line of defense when it comes to your family’s privacy, sensitive data and financial information, social media, and other critical accounts. It’s an essential service everyone needs these days.

Here’s why you need 1Password protecting you and your family today. 1Password Families is the password solution for the modern family — no more risky text messages to each other asking for the password to the home Wi-Fi. 1Password Families provides coverage for your whole family, is simple to use even for the youngest — and oldest — family members, and is a secure way to share passwords with the people you love and trust most.

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With 1Password’s, your accounts are all locked safely behind strong, unique passwords that would take millions of years for even the most powerful supercomputer to guess. And in case one of the services or companies you use is breached, 1Password’s convenience means you won’t have to spend an entire day changing every password to every service you subscribe to. With 1Password, you only have to change a single password – the one that was compromised - and nothing else.

Watchtower is 1Password’s special service that keeps you up to date on the latest breaches, leaks and other security vulnerabilities that you need to know about ASAP. More importantly, it tells you when you need to change passwords, including when one of your passwords has been revealed in one of those data breaches that seem to be happening more and more frequently. It also lets you know when you’re using a weak password that could be easily compromised, when you’ve reused passwords from another account, and which accounts offer two-factor authentication.

But arguably 1Password’s greatest strength is that it keeps it simple. Nowadays, we all have hundreds of accounts to manage, each of which deserves its own unique password. Who can blame you for forgetting the exact special character you used for your kids’ streaming account when you’ve been dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on your small-business loan paperwork all day? 1Password means you’ll never again have to worry about forgetting a password or spend an afternoon establishing a new password for an account you’ve locked yourself out of.