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When it comes to gifts, the more personalized the better. Yes, that includes monogrammed towels and homemade photo albums — but if you’re truly looking to wow someone this holiday season, we have a foolproof solution: a custom hand-painted portrait from Paint Your Life. This website connects customers with real artists, so you can work with them to turn a favorite photo into an oil portrait that the recipient will cherish forever.

But what happens if you don’t have a favorite photo to work with? That’s where Paint Your Life’s Compilation Portraits come in.

This service combines digital Photoshopping with handmade artwork, so you can unify several memories and people into one unforgettable gift. The personalization options are virtually endless, and the Paint Your Life team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished result is exactly what you want it to be. There’s no better time than now to get started on your custom gift. From now until the end of 2021, CNN readers can take $70 OFF their order with code CNN70.

Believe it or not, despite the vast customization options, the Compilation Portrait process is surprisingly simple. Take a look at the four easy steps below.

Step One: Choose a theme, medium and artist

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First, decide which theme you’d like your painting to have; there are 20 different options, including parent and child, couple, full family or people and pets. You can even choose specific activities or settings, like horseback-riding or posing someone in front of a historical monument. (Check out some examples of real customers’ compilation portraits here.) After that, pick a medium: oil, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, pastel or black pencil.

paint your life paid step one art

Finally, choose an artist using the artist gallery, which showcases their prior work — or you can allow Paint Your Life to select one for you based on your specific needs.

Step Two: Upload your images and select the size

paint your life paid step 2

Upload multiple photos containing all of the featured people, pets or subjects. You can also write your vision for the finished artwork — for example: “I’d like the grandmother to be hugging the grandchild” or “I’d like the dog to be in the boy’s lap.” You’ll also choose the size of the painting or drawing.

If you’re working with old or blurry photos, don’t worry! Paint Your Life can bring them back to life, so you can still use them to create your gift.

After you’ve selected you images, and confirmed the size, it’s time to officially submit your order. You only pay 20% of the price when you place your order (the remainder to be paid once you officially accept your final painting and it is sent to be shipped).

Step Three: Approve digital composition preview

paint your life paid step 3

Once your photos are uploaded and your vision has been shared with the Paint Your Life team, graphic editors will create a digital representation of the painting; that way, you can see and approve the image before the artist begins. They’ll create up to three versions for you to choose from, all while adjusting the proportions, lighting, perspective and settings so the combined images blend seamlessly and naturally together. Paint Your Life boasts an unlimited amount of revisions during the process, not to mention a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not thrilled with the final result. You can add new images, swap photos, or request other changes during your ongoing conversations with the Paint Your Life team up-until you give them the official green light to send to the artist.

Step Four: Approve final piece, select a frame and pay

paint your life paid step 4

After you’ve approved the digital rendering, the design then goes to your chosen artist, who will create your work of art within a pre-specified time frame. Once it’s ready, you’ll get a photo of the finished painting, and from there you can request further modifications if necessary. The final steps are to approve the painting after any modification requests have been made, choose a frame and pay the remainder of the balance. Once these steps are completed, your painting will get shipped!

Since Paint Your Life has a near-perfect 4.9-star rating from over 8,000 reviewers, it’s a foolproof way to give one of the most unique, sentimental gifts your loved one has ever received. Click here to learn more about the process — or to order a handcrafted portrait of your own for this holiday season. And to top it all off, CNN readers can save BIG on their orders right now; take $70 OFF with code CNN70. Offer valid through 2021!