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What was once reserved for baseball players and dads who coach little league on weekends, caps are now a mainstay in nearly everyone’s wardrobe. And it’s not hard to understand why. Anyone who has found themselves running errands on a busy day or rushing out of the door without running a brush through their hair understands the significance of keeping a good hat handy.

But it’s not just the convenience or quick fix — not to mention, sun protection — that a hat offers that is its only appeal. The laid-back nature of a dad hat or baseball cap offers a certain kind of casual-cool style that can help anyone pull off an effortless look with ease.

Whether you’re headed back to campus, squeezing in one last trip to the beach or simply hanging out on the weekend, a baseball cap or dad hat is the ultimate everyday accessory. And if you really want to take things up a notch and show off your personality in a hat, Redbubble has got you covered.

Redbubble is the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists. Not sure how this relates back to hats? Well, the marketplace features uncommon designs from over a million independent artists made for everyday items, which now include everyone’s favorite dad hats and baseball caps.

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If you’re looking for a fun way to simultaneously show off your personality and style, Redbubble’s new hat options include classic baseball caps and dad hats, either of which are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

The new baseball caps feature a firm, snapback structure with a curved bill that’s true to their classic and dependable design. This Vinyl Record Collection Cap, for instance, offers a balanced design that’s as minimal as it is playful. There’s also the Sun & Sea Cap, which would pair well with any outdoor adventure.

Meanwhile, Redbubble’s new dad hats are slightly less rigid and softer in structure than a traditional baseball cap, which gives them a feeling of ease and comfort. The Spring Meadow Dad Hat is the perfect accessory if you want to add a bit of floral to your look. There’s also the Dark Dream Forest Dad Hat that would make a solid addition to any casual outfit and is bound to become a regular in your cap rotation.

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Best of all, unlike many traditional hats out there that only offer limited stitching designs, Redbubble’s dad hats and baseball caps allow for elaborate, unique printed designs in a variety of colors that give more space for more creativity and personality to be displayed.

Not to mention, Redbubble’s mission is to not only empower artists and foster self-expression but do so in ethical, socially responsible ways. Every product on the Redbubble marketplace is printed on demand to minimize their footprint, which means you can feel good about your contribution to the planet when you shop with Redbubble.

Baseball caps and dad hats join over 125 products already part of Redbubble’s robust marketplace for independent artists and creatives.

Find your thing during Redbubble’s Labor Day Sale taking place Sept. 6 though Sept. 9 and get 20% off sitewide. Your new favorite hat awaits.